Eclectic Wall Hooks By Thelermont Hupton

If your home has a room or area that needs to be cheered up a bit, we think one of these wall hooks from UK designers Thelermont Hupton would do the job. Cleverly nicknamed as Handjob Hooks, these “off the wall” pieces are bound to lighten up any room.


Handjob Hooks

Say hello to the Wave Hook. This five fingered specialty piece welcomes you every time you come into a room and bids a friendly farewell on your way out the door.


Wave Hook

Do you know anyone that would not respond to this Peace Hook? It will make you smile every time you use it, and you can bet that it will get a reaction from your friends and visitors. Perfect for hanging clothes, tables, or accessories, everyone knows that it signs for peace. We dare you to see this hook on the wall without making the sign of the peace with your hand yourself!

Peace Handjob Hook

Peace Hook

Do you have a room where you need a boost of confidence? Why not add this Thumbs Up Hook to it! You can’t help but feel better when you see this international sign of approval. Perhaps it would go great in your home office, or even in your office’s conference room. Plus it comes handy when you need to hang a coat or a purse.

Thumbs Up Hook by Thelermont Hupton

Thumbs Up Hook

This next one we like for the kitchen area, where knives are utilitarian rather than menacing. This Stuck On You Knife Hooks will look good over your kitchen counter, maybe above the space where you keep your real kitchen knives. And it will become handy when you need a place to rest kitchen towels and aprons.


“Stuck On You” Knife Hooks

Thelermont Hupton Stuck On You Knife Hooks

A bare wall can come to life with a single item. We think these custom hooks can make the difference between an uneventful space and a room lightened up unlike any other.

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