Minimalistic Furnishings From Oji & Design

Oji Masanori is a young designer, from Hiroshima, Japan, whose pieces are simple, quite beautiful, and intended to be part of your everyday life. These are all things you have seen before, but delivered with beautiful form and meant to be completely functional.

Masaroni’s studio – Oji & Design – has plenty of creations that you are welcome to enjoy on his website at your leisure. But here we highlight some of our favorites:

Take a look at this Kakudo Butter Case. So much better than keeping butter in the plastic tub it comes in from the store, do you agree?

Kakudo Butter Case Japanese Design Oji & Design

Kakudo Butter Case

kakudo butter dish Oji & Design

And how about these Bagel Trivets? Masaroni has added leather strings to them so that you can hang them as wall decorations if you find that these maple, cherry, and walnut table coasters are just too beautiful to keep in a drawer.

Bagel Trivets Japanese Design Oji & Design

Bagel Trivets


We are sure you have seen a high chair at some point, but how about this “Baby in Table” low chair? It is intended for a one or two year old baby, and there is enough space for an adult to sit next to him or her and enjoy a lovely lunch. And when that is over, it can also be used as a desk for play time!

Baby In Table kid friendly furniture by Oji & Design

Baby in Table Low Chair

Baby in Table Low Chair by Oji & Design Japanese

One more… take a look at this Kami Schale gorgeous tea (or coffee) set. So simple, yet so attractive!

 Kami Schale Tea or Coffee Set by Oji & Deisgn

Kami Schale Tea or Coffee Set

Kami Schale Tea Coffee Set by Oji & Design

Masanori’s delightful work is proof that designs need not be complicated or overstated. Simple, minimalist, design can add much beauty to your home!

You can obtain your very own Oji & Design at various retailers around Japan, and online at Merchant No. 4 and Mjölk

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