Keep Your Home Cool This Summer – Eat Fruit!

The last thing we want to do when the summer’s heat won’t let up is to turn on the stove, and much less the oven! But we get hungry heat or no heat, so it becomes necessary to find food alternatives. Fruit, of course, is the most obvious.

Since desiring something starts with the eyes, we recommend that you get a few awesome looking fruit bowls and baskets and place them around the house filled with delicious fruits.

Who would turn down, for example, a couple of great looking apples waiting in this Black & Blum Fruit Loop Bowl! It makes them look ever more delicious inside its space created by a single 26 centimeter long chrome-plated steel wire. If when you reach to grab a piece of fruit from this bowl it feels as if you have invaded an abstract art piece, know that it will be no coincidence!

black + blum Fruit Loop

How about oranges or apples in this MoMA Spiraled Spoke Satellite Bowl! It is made of wood that can be adjusted to stand thinner or wider depending on your space availability. It is made in Indonesia and it looks just as exotic. We think some gorgeous yellow and red mangoes would be perfect in it!

MoMA Spoke Satellite Bowl MoMA Spoke Satellite Bowl

Here is one more… the Blomus Ondea Shallow Bowl, which is available both in 13.4” and 16.5” sizes. These are made of stainless steel in a matte finish. All fruit will look gorgeous in it, but here’s a tempting thought… can you picture a banana split in this dish???

Blomus Ondea Shallow Bowl

Tempt yourself by placing delicious fruits in gorgeous bowls all about your house. It may keep you from having to turn that stove as much during this summer!

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