Top 4 Gadgets To Chill Your Wine to Perfection

If you have not yet experimented with wine temperatures, you really should make it this summer’s project. You will be amazed at how a change in temperature can improve the taste of a wine; sometimes even just a few degrees can make a significant difference.

We are borrowing here a wine temperature chart from our Pinterest page. As you can see, it is a little more sensitive than just sticking the bottle of wine in a regular refrigerator. (An average fridge’s temperature is kept quite low to store food safely, way lower than 43 degrees which is the lowest recommended temperature.)

Wine Temperature Serving Guide

There are tools, however, to chill a wine by a few degrees. These Wine Pearls, which come in a set of four, are stainless steel metal chillers that you can stick in your freezer (instead of the wine!) and drop them in a glass when your drink needs to be a bit cooler (without diluting it, which ice cubes would do!).

Wine Chiller Pearls

A wine refrigerator can be set to the perfect temperature for a particular type of wine. And then, when you take it out, you want to maintain that temperature. Here is when a piece like the Blomus Ghetta Wine Cooling Collar can help. Indoors, and especially outdoors, you want to keep your wine insulated to maintain its temperature. This cooler will do the trick. It is a simple piece, yet quite attractive.

Blomus Ghetta Wine Bottle Cooler

For those of us who forgot to put the bottle in the refrigerator, or simply do not have the time to do so, The VinOice Wine Chiller and RAVI Instant Wine Chiller are two favorites for instant drinking satisfaction. The VinOice features a chilling rod with a gravity lid that automatically opens when tilting for that perfect ice cold pour. Just store the VinOice in the freezer and then insert it into your favorite bottle of wine for an instant cold glass of vino.

VinOice Wine ChillerVinOice Wine Chiller
The RAVI Instant Wine Chiller uses special stainless steel to chill your wine instantly without altering its taste or quality. Similar to the VinOice, just store the RAVI chiller in the freezer until ready to use. These two chillers are equally suitable for travel, soirees, outdoors or when you just can’t wait for that nice and cold well-deserved glass of your favorite red or white.

RAVI wine chiller

The summer months are perfect for evenings outdoors with a good wine, perhaps a good cigar, and good company. Chill your libation to perfection with items as fabulous as these!


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