Never Lose Your Keys Again Thanks To These Key Holders

“Where’s me keys? Where’s me phone?” rapper Zipparah Tafari sang in his 2012 “Britain’s Got Talent” audition and won over a crowd that seemed to totally relate to him. No surprise really, haven’t we all lost our keys at some point?

The worst is early in the morning as the kids wait to be taken to school and we are trying to step out of the house looking nice enough for work. Can you remember what that moment feels like when you realize that you have no idea of where the keys are? We can see you… looking through bags, yesterday’s pants, between sofa cushions, on tables… it gets pretty hectic.

high resolution lost keys

Since we humans are animals of habit, the best way to avoid that scene is to consistently leave the keys in one same place. Pick a place, and train/force yourself to set your keys there every time you get home. You can make it easier on yourself by placing a holder by the door, a fixture with the sole purpose of keeping your keys literally at your arm’s length.

A good option is the Magnetter Wall-Mounted Organizer, which can keep not only your keys but any important papers you need to remember about, like pending bills and outgoing mail. The lower part of the organizer has a magnetic strip where your keys will stay put (like any other object attracted to magnets also could, by the way). It takes only two screws to mount this key holder to the wall, and it comes in two colors – Black and Espresso.

Umbra Magnetter Wall Mount Key HolderLikewise, the Tewo Small Key Board is cute and designed to keep your keys “found.” This one is made of high quality stainless steel. It has a slot in which the keys slide and remain put thanks to a rubberized foam. It is only eight inches wide and mounts directly on the wall.

Blomus TEWO Small Keyboard Key Holder

Never go through a frantic search for keys again! Have them instead always at your reach with a conveniently placed elegant key holder.

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