Fun Tables To Connect Your Space With Nature

If you have a playful area at home, or a rustic mountain or beach house, we think you are going to love the Italian designer Marcantoni Raimondi Malerba’s “Sending Animals” tables. Your children may want them in their room too.

They come in the shape of a goose, a pig, and a cow, as if made from a box that was once mailed to you, with doors and drawers that open up to turn them into book or dish shelves, side tables, or a place to display just about anything. As in real life, the cow is a large size piece with several shelves inside, while the goose is tiny in comparison and perfect to set next to a couch or recliner.

If the pieces seem a bit like a toy, well that is what the designer was going for. Raimondi Malerba likes to think of his work as a continuation of what he used to do when he was a kid. He likes to play with everything he finds and turn it into a concept of his imagination.


His main inspiration is nature and underlining the fact that humans and animals are always connected. His pieces are often manufactured from natural elements like wood, stones, crystals and bone. “If an idea is fun, I can not resist it,” says the 35-year-old designer. (Check out some more of his work at

Add a touch of fun, play, and above all, innovative design to your home with one of these must-talk-about tables.

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