Perfect Lamps For Your Summer Evenings

The summer months are here and all over the United States it is going to be hot! Gone are the nights of fireplaces and here is the time for air conditioning and cool drinks.

Still, at night time you will want your home to feel cozy, to give you that relaxing feeling that during the winter is so easily achieved with candles or a fire.

The trick is in the lighting. You can create an intimate atmosphere and still keep it cool by adding a couple of great lamps to your space.
summer lamps mason jar lanterns

Consider the Deco Hanging Flame Lamp, which looks like an ignited fire, but that does not give out heat. This lamp is suspended by chains (12.5” long) and has a satin cloth that looks like a fire thanks to the lights under it. It is not only cool but also safe and can be used in any room of the house without supervision. For your cozy nights at home, or for your summer’s evening parties, this is a piece with much personality.

The Shell Table Lamp can likewise add something special to your warm evenings. It looks like a shell and when lit up its wave-like designs will remind you of the ocean. It uses a 25-watt light bulb, so the light emanating from it will be soft and agreeable with your evening rest. This is a light piece, collapsible and adjustable, that can be easily moved between spaces.

lumisource shell table lampDo not let the summer heat take the relaxation you love from your evenings at home. Create the perfect atmosphere with a pair of perfect lamps!
summer lamps and lighting

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