3 Clever Bottle Openers Perfect For Your 4th Of July Barbecue

Like most Americans you may be planning a barbecue for the upcoming 4th of July holiday, during which not only will you and yours take turns at the grill but perhaps will be doing some beer tasting.

We want you to be prepared for the opening of all of those imported beer bottles with some clever bottle openers that will do the job and also add topics to the conversation at your party.

1. Switch Pop Bottle Opener

The Switch Pop is a sturdy bottle opener with a locking pearl handle to designed like a classic italian switchblade knife. Do not be surprised to see your friends acting as if they are opening a beer in a Westside Story rumble! The handle is easy to grip and the opener is designed to make the chore a one move task with the switch of a blade. This piece is certain to add on fun to your barbecue.

Switchblade Bottle OpenerGama-go Switch Pop Switchblade Bottle Opener
2. Jimmy Bottle Opener

The cleverly designed Jimmy is a magnetic bottle opener and keychain designed by the lovely UK duo, black + blum. This little Jimmy will open your bottles with his mighty arm and then hang from your refrigerator or grill like he’s auditioning for a scene in the movie Cliffhanger. Practical and keen, little Jimmy here is bound to be the most popular guy at your party.

Jimmy bottle opener and magnetic keychain by black + blum

Jimmy bottle opener and magnetic keychain by black + blum
3. CTRL+O Bottle Opener

The CTRL+O bottle opener will crack up all of your friends who are used to computer lingo, especially those who use Windows. Just like the code CRTL+O opens a new screen on a laptop in just a second, this opener opens a bottle in just as long. This is a stainless steel piece so beautiful that it’s basically an art piece. It feels heavy in one’s hand and does its job in a snap.

Ctrl + O Bottle Opener by art lebedevThis 4th of July do not have your friends and family scrambling about looking for a bottle opener. Provide them instead with pieces that will get the job accomplished and that they will have to talk about.

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