Add A Bit Of Fun To Your Wine With These Glasses

If you are a wine enthusiast we think you will agree – wine drinking is a wonderful activity during which even the small details are important.

We think you will agree again – drinking wine in any other glass but a proper goblet is just not the same. Are we right?

We have all done it, so we know – drinking wine in a red plastic cup at a park, or in a tiny cup at a club… it’s just sad.

We wine aficionados like our wine glasses. And most of us have a few variations – some with the traditional stem and some without it, some made of crystal and others of attractive plastic (for the Hollywood Bowl outings!), and so forth. But since we also like to have our fun, here we present you with two types of wine glasses that you probably do not yet have and most likely will want to own.

The Tipsy Wine Glasses’s stem is bent but your friends may first doubt their own eyesight. These are 12-ounce stem glass goblets that, although they look like they are about to fall over, are built with a wide enough base to keep them standing. They’re easy to take care of, dishwasher safe, and simply adorable. For sure the source of some chuckles!

Leaning Tipsy Wine Glasses

Tipsy wine glasses

But if a bit of laughter is what you want, just let your friends get a look at your DCI XL Wine Glass. They will stop laughing though, once they realize that an entire bottle of wine fits into this glass! For yourself, or for that friend who insists to have just one glass of wine a night, here’s your goblet!


Wine appreciation is definitely a great activity. And as you see, it goes beyond the fruit of the vine!

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