3 Fabulous And Functional Soap Pumps For Any Home

Small details can go a long way in giving your home a contemporary look. In your bathroom, for example, the addition of a clever soap pump can enhance the entire sink.

Consider the Joseph-Joseph C-Pump single-handed soap dispenser, for instance, which is both eye-catching and practical. Its unique design allows you to operate it with the back of your hand, at once keeping the top dispenser clean and germ free. A window in the back of the unit tells you when it is time to refill, which you can do with any type of liquid soap. This is a nice looking piece that is available at a great price.

ll_2__0013s_0000_C-Pump - Soap Dispenser - Hand.jpg

Another soap pump worth mentioning is the Umbra Penguin, which is as cute as the animal that lends it its name. Designed by Argentina’s Luciano Lorenzatti, this slick piece will add fun to your bathroom sink without hurting your wallet.

umbra penguin pump

umbra penguin soap pump

Resembling another bird, the Umbra’s BIRDIE foaming pump was designed by Alan Wisniewski to turn everyday liquid soap into foam. Just add soap at the rate of 10% of it to a 90% of water and the BIRDIE will work up the foam for you. And this cute BIRDIE is likewise quite affordable.

umbra birdie soap pump

umbra birdie soap pump

Enhance your bathroom area with these beautiful soap pumps and see the difference that a small fixture can make to the overall look and feel of the room. You will realize that in the world of design, just like coach John Wooden once said: “Little things make big things happen.”

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