Stylish Cotton Organizers For Your Bathroom

We all keep lots of cotton products in our bathroom. From cotton swabs to cotton balls and rounds, we need them to remove make-up, apply face toner, remove nail polish, clean cuts and scrapes… you name it, cotton is a staple.

They way you store the cotton you will use is also important, as you do not want to clean cuts and bruisers with dirty material, nor do you want to introduce a dirty swab into your ear, right?

How are you protecting these items? Do you keep them perhaps in the same containers you brought them home from the store? If that is the case, we have two recommendations that will increase the cleanliness of your products.

MollaSpace offers cotton storage containers designed to keep your sanitary items clean. Like every MollaSpace product, these containers are practical as well as stylish. The cylinders are just under five inches tall, made of white ceramic with a sealing wooden lid, and are bound to compliment the rest of your bathroom décor.

molla space cotton storageCotton_Storage_02

You could instead opt for the Blomus Nexio cotton dispenser, which is a stylish version of the traditional tissue box with two dispensers for cotton pads and buds. Nexio is made of stainless steel in a matte finish and has three interior compartments for your cottons.
blomus-68690 68692

True, most of the items in our bathroom are there for necessary reasons, but thanks to this world filled with clever designers, they can also be kept in style!

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