Modern Coasters To Keep Your Furniture Safe

If you have expensive wooden furniture at home, you certainly want no water rings on them. Therefore, it is important that you own coasters to keep drink glasses away from tables.

We know you will be conscientious to use them; after all, it is your money that was invested in the pieces. But the real trouble may start when your friends come over. How do you keep them from leaving behind water rings and stains to be remembered for?

Stain Survival - Coffee

A solution can be to have coasters, lots of them, all over the place. When possible, have them be beautiful pieces that can not be ignored and that will “scream” to be used. Your friends will understand that, since you have put so much thought into them, it must mean you intend them to be used!

To get you started, here we offer you two lovely recommendations:

Consider the contemporary look of the BLOCK Target Coasters. They are stylish, modern, in a unique ring shape. They are made of acrylic materials that display the colors of the kaleidoscope, and come with a stainless steel column to keep them in place.

Block Target Coasters UK Design The MollaSpace’s Flowing City Coaster is another set that your visitors will not be able to ignore. Each coaster reflects in its surface the city of Taipei, Taiwan. Any drop of water that falls on it will double in your/their imagination as a river running between the streets and alleys of Taipei.

molla space flowing city coastermolla space flowing city coasterPlace a few of these eye-catching sets around your home and your friends will get the hint… You want your wooden pieces safe!

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