Dry Floors And Healthy Plants With The ReCOVER Rack

Without a doubt one of the biggest hassles that rainy days bring about is what to do with one’s umbrellas, hats, and raincoats at the door upon arriving home.

If your house is carpeted, you certainly don’t want any water on it, and if you have wooden or tile floors, wetness can become a safety issue.

People improvise all sorts of solutions – a bucket by the door, umbrellas left outside or shoved into plastic bags, clothes hanging over the bathtub, and so forth. But now we want to introduce you to a much more practical and aesthetically pleasing solution.

The reCOVER umbrella rack is a modern and eco-friendly piece that cleverly uses any water dripping from a wet umbrella, hat, or coat, to feed a planter in the bottom of the rack.

umbrellat stand water planter

Designed by Fulguro for Teracrea, the rack is made of beech wood with a simple and geometrical shape that will remind you of a tree. The fork device at its bottom end can be inserted into any planter or pot of your choice. From then on, the rain water on your winter gear will no longer be a problem to your floors. Instead, it will usefully water the plant of your choice.

water planter rack

The reCOVER umbrella rack is about 66 inches tall with a width of about 13 inches. It will look great standing next to your front door without taking much space and is truly an ingenious item inspired in nature that will enhance the looks and practicality of your home.

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