Wine Accessories To Make You Smile

If you will be throwing a wine tasting party soon, or if you are planning to purchase a present for a wine aficionado, we are about to introduce you to some fun accessories that we think you will love.

Imagine setting up the wine bottles at your upcoming tasting party on holders that resemble the animal kingdom! Behold, Animal’s Bone wooden wine rack by Conte Bleu. These lively bottle holders are bound to liven up your party and provide you with immediate conversation topics. The holders resemble reindeer, elephants, penguins, and dogs (Dobermans!). The pieces are easy to assemble – just four parts to put together.

animal wine racks bottle holders

We think these holders can be precious décor for any wine tasting party, or for specific occasions, like…how about a few of those reindeer at Christmas time… or an animal safari themed party decorated by a few of the elephant holders… or a couple of wine bottles resting on Doberman holders for the next puppy birthday party celebration you attend!

conte bleu animal wine bottle holder

If a friend’s birthday or anniversary is coming up, you can celebrate it with a nice bottle of wine accompanied by another lovely piece from Conte Bleu, the ribbon bottle stopper. We often decorate our presents with a bow or ribbons of some sort. For a wine bottle, this stopper is that extra festive touch that will remind your friend of your thoughtfulness for months to come.

conte bleu ribbon bottle stopper

From Seoul, Korea, Conte Bleu presents these ingenious pieces to add on visual pleasure to the already sensory experience of wine drinking. Give yourself, or a good friend, the enjoyment of an added smile to the delightful taste of a fine drink.

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