Minimalistic Pieces From Nendo Design

A small space should not keep you from owning beautiful furniture, although it demands a bit of imagination. Fortunately there are designers, like nendo, that concentrate in the creation of ingenious pieces to enhance the smallest of areas. Following we introduce you our three favorite nendo pieces, which whether at your home or your office will delight you and amaze those who visit you.


Designer Nendo standing in front of his latest creation “Mirror Chair” for Milan Design Week 2013

The nendo wooden fold shelf, as seen in Salone Internazionale del Mobile in Milan, can be used as a bookcase or as a display for your precious objects. It is made of interlocking wooden boards that face different angles, so that the unit “shows” you something different depending on where you stand. It can be placed against the wall, but it can also work as a wonderful room divider.

nendo book shelves

Nendo’s brackets office-use unit sofa is perhaps one of the most innovative pieces you’ll encounter. It allows you to rearrange its parts to create individual seating areas, communal tables for meeting times, waiting-room-like units, and much more. In other words, you can play with the pieces and let them inspire you.

And then, be it for your home or office, the simplest of design became an attractive coat rack that nendo has labeled Ski. The unit looks almost like a stool, except that its top part has been carved to allow you to hang coats from it. The finished product looks like upside-down ski poles that lean against each other for balance.  If you are an avid skier or enjoy a good witty piece, you will love this piece as part of your décor.



We love these nendo pieces since they are so beautifully minimalistic and so appropriate for apartments and work spaces. This is true clever design!

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