Upgrade Your Dine-in Experience With The Joseph Joseph Y-grinder

Consider the reasons we enjoy going out to a favorite restaurant. Of course, it is because we enjoy good food – little beats a nicely done steak or a perfectly cooked lasagna, for example. But much of it has also to do with getting excellent service – like the fact that if you want more pepper on your antipasto, or more parmesan over your linguini, there is always someone there with a grinder ready to deliver.

fancy dining restaurant

For most of us, the experience is not the same at home, no matter how good of a cook we may be. Truth be told, some of us pour the salt and pepper right out of the containers they are sold in at the supermarket. Which is, by the way, not the best of ideas and those of you who have accidentally poured too much salt on your food already know it.

Our thought is, however, that there should not be such a significant difference between your dinning out experiences and your meals at home. There are affordable tools that you can own to fancy up your dine-in evenings, so that you can find pleasure in even mundane activities like adding pepper to your plate.

The Joseph Joseph Y-Grinder comes to mind here. A practical, yet beautiful, two-compartment salt and pepper mill, with two chambers that appear to be one same body but that dispense salt and pepper from two separate openings with just a twist of the grinding knobs. You can adjust the settings to grind the spices anywhere from fine to coarse, and certainly with the Y-Grinder you will never over salt your food.

Joseph Joseph Y-Grinder

The nice looking Joseph Joseph Y-Grinder comes in three color combinations. It is also low maintenance since it is dishwasher safe and built with an anti-corrosion ceramic mechanism.

joseph joseph y grinder salt pepper

We think this attractive grinder will accomplish not only to spice up your food, but your entire home dining experience.


We encourage you to upgrade your kitchen tools. It may convince you to the fact that, even at dinner time, there is no place like home!

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