Stainless Steel Soap: The New Kitchen Gadget Must-Have

Some of our best culinary creations are the result of the careful addition of spices. A pork roast would never be the same without the right amount of garlic, for example, and a hamburger is not properly dressed until you add a few rings of onion.

We cut and mince with delight in expectation of the delicious results and it is not until preparation is over that we find our hands reeking of garlic, onion, and more. We want our food aromatic, but our hands?!


So we are sure that you, like us, have tried it all already: soapy water, lemon juice, perhaps even cooking with gloves. None of them work particularly well, however. But here is something that a few folks swear by: stainless steel!

Some say that if you rub your hands against a stainless steel knife the odor will go away… but of course the downside is the danger of cutting yourself. Others say you could even rub your hands against your stainless steel sink… assuming you have one.

But here we have the perfect anti-smell kitchen tool – the Stainless Steel Soap Bar by Blomus. In the shape of a bar of soap, this stainless steel piece does whatever chemical magic is needed and takes the yucky smells right off your skin!

stainless steel soap bar by blomus

An article in the HuffPost Taste says that it has something to do with sulfur molecules, which first attach to your hands and can, by rubbing against stainless steel, bind instead to the metal. This negatively-charged stainless steel soap combines with positive charge of cool water to neutralize germs.

stainless steel soapThere is no much science that we can show you, but you can check out some facts from “How Does Stainless Steel Remove Odors?” from’s Chemistry section. There are also plenty of convincing “sniff” tests from people who claim this stuff really works! So if you are a cook who loves using garlic, onion, and fish, this may just be the next must-have gadget for your kitchen!

stainless steel soap bar blomus

One thought on “Stainless Steel Soap: The New Kitchen Gadget Must-Have

  1. I never knew stainless steel had the power to remove odors like this. I definitely need this for my kitchen because I love putting garlic and onion in everything! lol. Thanks for the share.

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