It’s Fruit Season! What Will You Keep Your Fruits In?

Where do you keep your fruit at home? On the table? The counter-top? The same bag you brought it in from the store? The fridge? Perhaps on one of those non-dish-washable decorative plates that seem to work for nothing else?

We know the options. We have been there. But today we give you a great new way to keep your fruit looking good, by itself and in relation to your home.

The Block Wire Fruit Bowl makes you stare. It is quite non-traditional – no ceramic with painted fruits on it, no glass with fruit shapes on relief – but made out of metal. And not metal as in a shiny bowl, but a long piece of metal wire bent into a rectangular shape with an indentation on the top for your fruit.
block wire fruit bowlIt accomplishes several things at once. Aesthetically, it is a winner. It looks so different that anyone around it will have to stop to look at it. Practically, because of the open space between each turn of the wire, the bowl allows for plenty of air circulation, which, according to, can help you keep fruit in the best condition for longer.

block-wire-fruit-bowlThe Block Wire Fruit Bowl is not one you will feel like sticking in the furthest corner of your kitchen. It comes both in black and white so that you can best match it to the rest of your décor.

block wire fruit bowl

This interesting piece will upgrade the look of your room while keeping fruit at arm’s length. Let’s face it, it may be even good for your health!

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