Sempli Cupa-Vino: Elegance Is Rocking

If you are a wine aficionado, we are betting that you also have at least a small collection of wine glasses. Every wine lover seems to have a few goblets reminiscent of past wine tastings, besides a favorite crystal piece, and a set or two received from friends over the holidays.

But we have a pair of wine glasses that you probably do not yet own and that we think you are going to love – the Sempli’s Cupa-Vino.

sempli cupa wine hand blown glassIs it not gorgeous? It was created by Swedish designer and Sempli owner Daniele Semeraro, who figured out that wine can still be aerated in a glass even if it does not keep the traditional wine glass look.

Stemless, when set down the Cupa-Vino swirls upon itself allowing for the oxygenation of the spirit just as it would in any regular wine glass.

The Cupa-Vino is made of lead free clear crystal and is just over four inches high. It comes in sets of two pieces that are delivered wrapped in an elegant gift box (which also turns this set into a potential very nice present!).

sempli cupa wine tilting rocking glassesFor these glasses, as American film director John McTiernan would say, “the entertainment is in the presentation.” Because they are so unique we know that the Cupa-Vino is bound to spark the admiration of anyone you hand one over to.

Plus, although the Cupa-Vino is officially a wine glass, we can quite easily imagine how good a whiskey on the rocks would look swirling inside one of them. Can you?


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