Urban Style: Concrete H2O Absorbent Coasters

Unless all of your tables at home are made out of glass, you should consider investing on a good set of drink table coasters. Otherwise you may end up with an interesting design of water circles marked on your expensive wooden surfaces!

Still, be aware that not all drink table coasters are created equal. Those cardboard coasters you get for free at bars and restaurants have a limited life-span. Water gets to them, misshapes them, and eventually tears them apart. Some glass and ceramic coasters are concerned more with their shape and color than with utility, becoming slippery as water rolls off of them right onto the table you meant to protect to begin with.

But we have found a set of coasters that will do the trick: the Molla Space’s Concrete H2O Absorbent Coaster.


These coasters are handmade, using safe, non-toxic recycled ash mixed with cement; therefore, they are eco-friendly. They are also quite attractive either in grey or black, with grooves that give them a unique look of combined simplicity and sophistication. Because of their composition, these coasters are absorbent, so they will not become slippery nor will any water roll off of them.

molla space water absorbing coasterIf you have to set something on your nice looking wooden tables, may as well be an item that will be attractive to your and your guests’ eyes.


We believe that the Molla Space’s Concrete H2O Absorbent Coaster is that perfect piece to keep your surfaces safe and to give you yet one more thing to talk about!

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