Tips to Manage Stress and Pursue a Stress-free Life

The month of April was recently National Stress Awareness Month, dedicated to increase public knowledge of the causes and cures of what is called a modern stress epidemic. Although the month of April has now passed, we believe that every month, and every day, should be dedicated to the relief of stress.

Our bodies can use a certain amount of stress – the type you feel, for example, when you are moved to help a child or a person in need, or the stress that comes with a positive life changing moment like a wedding – because this type of “good stress” keeps us energized, aware, and able to make quick decisions.

Unfortunately, our modern life brings along too much of a harmful, overpowering, and debilitating type of stress; well, with the horrible news that we are all subjected to in a regular basis, plus the economic, work related, and family difficulties that we face at various degrees.

It is the goal of the Stress Awareness movement that you learn to recognize the pressures of bad stress and to apply techniques that can help you relieve it, for the benefit of your health.

Following are a few stress relieving ideas:

  • Play with your pet. Unaware of all the troubles in the world, your pet can give you uninterrupted play time, love, and a chance to “leave” everything behind.
  • Go outdoors. Take a retreat or a trip. Grab some friends and family or go alone. Try looking at deals on or to find great deals on trips and getaways. Whether it’s a simple walk in the park or a lengthy trek in the woods, being out in nature can calm the mind and clear the senses.
  • Laugh. Find a funny video, a funny book, or a funny person, and laugh heartily.  It will lower your blood pressure, and it will release endorphins to your brain.
  • Do some gardening. The beauty, the colors, and the aroma of flowers are good for the soul.

  • Take a  coffee break… or tea, or wine. Take a few minutes to sit and consider life unhurriedly.

  • Call a loved one, be it mom, your daughter, your significant other. Not to talk about your stress, but to hear their voice. It will soothe your soul.
  • Plan a day for yourself full of relaxation with a massage or a visit to a local spa. Use yelp or suggestions from friends to find the best spa or massage parlor near you
  • Read stress and anger relief e-books that are available online, for example at

Make it your goal to manage your stress so that it can be invigorating instead of debilitating. Relaxed living is also clever living.

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