Lovely Coffee and Tea Pieces To Say: Happy Mother’s Day!

Mother’s Day is coming up and so it is time for all of you sons and daughters to think of clever and thoughtful presents for the special women in your lives. This is not the time to buy ironing boards or cooking pots, remember! This is the time to encourage your ladies to kick back a bit and realize their good fortunes.

If your lady enjoys a good cup of joe, consider presenting her with the gorgeous 2-Carat Cup satin porcelain tumbler. Just by holding it, she will begin to feel glamorous! The handle is a ring with a shiny gem through which one of her fingers can fit in as she drinks from it. To add to the delight, the cup arrives in ring box packaging. The first thing she will see is the ring; not realizing that much more is attached to it!

2-carat cup diamond ring cup

Or, if she is more of a cappuccino lover, consider instead the modern look of the Blomus Pura Paragon Cappuccino set, a combination of cup and saucer made of porcelain and stainless steel designed to fit securely even when carried about.

Blomus Pura Paragon cappuccinoFor the tea loving lady, we recommend the Vanilla Cream Tea Tower, a full tea service for one! Made of fine porcelain, the tower is composed of a saucer, a tea cup, a teapot, a sugar bowl and lid, and a creamer cup. There is no way to disappoint with this ingenious design that is not only practical but makes for interesting décor.

Yedi Cream Vanilla Tower Tea Set
Yedi vanilla tea tower

To complete your lady’s afternoon tea time, include the Utilo Tea Stick, which will infuse any favorite tea in hot water, eliminating the use of stale tea bags and instead delivering the freshest of brews.Blomus_Utilo_Tea_StickNow these are ideas that will make the mothers in your life feel special! Treat them to a savory and relaxing experience by presenting them with these elegant items; pieces that encourage cleaver and joyful living!

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