Bring Spring Time Into Your Home With Wallflower Decor

“Flowers are happy things,” said English humorist and writer P. G. Wodehouse. And who could contradict him as we plant flowers in our gardens, purchase bouquets for our loved ones, pin single ones to our hair, and keep them colorful on canvasses!

And being that flowers enhance our world so, and since we are now in the season when all the flowers bloom, we think decorating your home or office with flowers of a more permanent sort can bring an added liveliness to your surroundings.

Our favorite is a special set of customizable and decorative wallflowers created by Canadian designer Marion Lanktree for Umbra, which we think will bring life to any of your empty walls and at once give you a chance to show off your personal touch.45515- Umbra- Wallflower set of 20 Chrome- D

The package of 25 flowers, which come mixed in various sizes (from 2.5” to 4.5”), is available in chrome, black, and white so that you can pick the color that will match your surface best. The flowers are made of polypropylene (a versatile plastic) that is durable and easy to clean. Each comes with a snap-fit connector that allows it to be mounted on the wall with a simple tack.


umbra wallflower

Sure, you could place stickers on the wall, or traditional decorations with pictures of flowers on them, but few will give you the added effect of these 3-D wallflowers plus the unique delight of creating your own art statement with them.


umbra wallflowers

umbra wallflowers

umbra wallflower

Flaunt your style and bring spring time into your home with a set of Umbra wallflowers. They are happy things that are bound to make you smile.

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