Celebrate Our Earth All Year Long

Earth Day is celebrated to remind us that we must be environmentally conscious and safeguard our planet not only for our enjoyment but for that of the generations to come. It is hoped that the awareness that Earth Day brings about will shape our behavior for the rest of the year, underlining that small actions can go a long way to protect the environment.
Talking is good, but doing is better. So let’s commit ourselves to leave this place, this planet that is our home, in better shape than the way we found it. For your benefit, and ours, here are a few eco-friendly reminders. They are simple, easy, economical, but can bring about significant results:

  • Plant a tree at any opportunity. One tree can absorb lots of pollutants and produce hundred of pounds of oxygen annually.


  • Bring as much natural lighting as possible into your home. Natural lighting not only reduces the cost and use of energy to run your home,  it is also beneficial to the health of everyone who lives there.

light locations victorian home house kentish town north west london glass ceiling kitchen solarium


  • Recycle. About 75% of all waste is recyclable but, according to DoSomething.org, only about 30% of it actually gets turned in.


  • If you can, consider solar paneling. Not only will you be  helping the environment and saving money on energy consumption, but you will acquire energy independence and form less dependence on non-renewable energy sources which will result in great long-term benefits.


  • When you can – walk, bike, carpool, or use public transportation. Whatever helps reduce gas emissions is a favor to the planet. And not only that, your wallet will also thank you.


  • Bring your own bags to the store. A lot of plastic and paper gets used and thrown away in just minutes with every trip for groceries. Reusable bags are the answer.


  • Add interior plants to your home. Not only do they make beautiful decor, they also help reduce stress and improve the air quality in your home.


sky planters

  • Be an example for your kids. Help them see that the Earth is ultimately our collective home and that it is our responsibility to keep it clean.earth-day-kids
  • For our last and final tip; Extend Earth Day. Turn it into Earth Week, Earth Month, and then Earth Year. Responsible living is clever living.


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