Discover The Pure Elegance Of Minimalist Planters

In the movement known as Minimalism, the fewest and simplest elements are used to project the maximum possible effect of each design.  In other words, it is the belief of minimalist designers that less can be more, and that elegance and sleekness can be achieved with just a few well selected lines and materials.

The Blomus Greens Cube  collection is a great example of how beautiful simple can be. Made of stainless steel, the Greens Cube can hold any potted plant, be it indoors or outdoors. It looks strong, almost industrial, but it is designed for simple planting with an overflow tray as well as a flexible plastic liner.

Blomus Green CubeThe Greens Cube is exactly that – a cube, sized the same  in every direction. Since it is made of stainless steel, it is easy to maintain, easy to clean, and if you place it outdoors it can withstand all of nature’s elements. You will not have to wear sunglasses around it either, because it was purposefully designed in matte steel to curtail any bouncing glares from the bright sun.
blomus greens cubeThe Greens Cube will likewise look wonderful in an office space and in a modern style home where it is important that the greenery be showcased elegantly yet with the least distraction.
blomus-greens-cube-1The Greens Cube has arrived at HomeClever just in time for spring. We are proud to offer this super-sleek and ultra-chic minimalist lover’s dream to our customers.


Natalie Babbitt once said that most magnificent things are very simple. And we believe Blomus’ Greens Cube is perfect proof of it.

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