Bellila’s Tables Bring Nature Into Your Home

You can put away those plastic flowers that you have been using as your table’s centerpiece. It has been your way to get a resemblance of nature and freshness into your home, we know, but now you can have the real thing!

How amazing will it be to own one of Bellila’s new clever tables – be it the “Lagune” or the “Volcano”? These coffee tables have a built-in planter where you can grow just about anything you may want to see sprout.

The “Lagune” is a traditional four legged table 40” long by 25” wide. Very non-traditionally, however, it houses a ceramic dish about 17” long by 12” wide where you can plant any flower you wish to admire when you sit down for a cup of tea.

lagune table bellila
lagune table bellila
lagune table bellila

The “Volcano” has a unique shape, like a box that keeps on rising from the ground. It is just a bit wider than the “Lagune” and it has the added benefit of serving as a storage unit. The planter comes off the unit for easy handling and cleaning.

volcane table bellili
volcane bois bellila

Both tables are available in white, black  and natural wood finish and really provide unending options for people who desire a bit of green inside their home.

lagune table bellila

Belilla is a fairly new company that started in 2011 when designer Paul Belilla joined efforts with young entrepreneur Julien Bitan. Their love for home design and for nature is clear in these creative coffee tables that make possible a small oasis in even the smallest of homes.

We think their 100% French and Eco-friendly designs will soon be appreciated worldwide.

volcane table bellila

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