Enhance Your Home With An Anywhere Fireplace

Multiple Panera Bread locations include fireplaces in their interior design, and if you read the franchises’ reviews online you will see that those fire units are perhaps their most welcomed feature. That’s because there is something really great about sitting by a fireplace, be it to enjoy a cup of coffee or read a good book.

Something you will never see at a Panera Bread location, however, is a guy hauling wood back and forth, messing with ashes, or struggling to start up a fire. How is it possible? Through the marvel of eco-smart fireplaces, which provide the feeling and comfort you look for in a fireplace, without the smoke, the mess, or the extra work.

Our favorite Eco-friendly fireplaces come from Anywhere Fireplaces. Gorgeous units that can be added to any room and that will add elegance and sophistication without damaging the environment.

Consider, for example, the Empire Fireplace, a lightweight piece in the shape of a pyramid that is only 12 inches in width and 6 inches in height and therefore perfect to place just about anywhere in or outdoors. It uses a 13 oz. gel bio-ethanol fuel can, requires no assembly, and can be decorated to your taste with beads, rocks, coins, or anything else non-flammable.


A larger piece that can add warmth to an evening at home is the Gramercy Fireplace, an elegant black metal table with clear glass. It can be placed on a table or directly on the floor, needs no vents, no chimney, and no assembly. It works with natural bio-ethanol fuel, a renewable energy source, that produces gorgeous flames without threatening the air quality.

anywhere fireplaces gramercy

“There is no place more delightful than one’s own fireplace,” said the ancient Roman writer Cicero. Find out what he meant by adding one of these gorgeous Anywhere Fireplaces to your home.

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