The Lento Smoke Alarm Keeps Safety Beautiful

For your family’s protection, you must install one or more smoke alarms in your home. It is the law because fires often happen at night time when people are asleep, and a smoke alarm can detect smoke and make enough noise to wake you and yours with time to escape.

The U.S. Fire Administration recommends you place smoke alarms on the ceiling or high up on a wall since smoke rises. An alarm should be installed in each level of your home and, if your family members sleep with their doors closed, inside each bedroom.

Do you know where your smoke alarm is located? If not, perhaps you should take a walk around the house until you find it. Most often it is a plastic and dusty white cylinder about five inches across that is easy to forget about. It includes a tiny button meant for you to test the alarm at least once per month. When was the last time your tested yours?

It is for all of the above reasons that we think the Lento Photoelectric Smoke Alarm to be such a clever product. No longer a boring circle, the Lento is a fly on the wall that is not only practical but also eye-catching.

lento-photoelectric-smoke-alarm-grey lento-photoelectric-smoke-alarm-blacklento-photoelectric-smoke-alarm-white

Available in green, pink, white, grey, and black, this Paola Suhonen design for Jalo Helsinki comes with a five year battery life time and attaches to the wall with 3M tape, allowing you to skip the hassle that comes with screws and power drills. Because the entire external casing is a press “button,” testing the battery, or turning it off, is as easy as a tap.

lento-photoelectric-smoke-alarm-jalo helsinki

“Safety can be beautiful,” is the belief of Jalo Helsinki. Their innovative Lento is bound to be the first smoke alarm that you will want to show off to your friends and one that you will not easily forget.

lento-photoelectric-smoke-alarm finnish design

lento-photoelectric-smoke-alarm finnish design

One thought on “The Lento Smoke Alarm Keeps Safety Beautiful

  1. I really like the unique design of the smoke alarm; it is artistically appealing to my kids, and at the same time, it helps to ensure that I would get a warning from possible fire. An emergency is an emergency, but of course I do hope I’d never have to use it lol.

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