Enjoy A Little Nature With An Eggling Mini Herb Garden

Around Easter time there are eggs everywhere – plastic ones, colorful ones, and, of course, plenty of chocolate ones. But Home Clever’s eggs are so cute that they may top them all! That is because Home Clever’s eggs actually “give birth” to something. Plus these eggs need someone to look after them since what they contain inside will soon enough grow! We call them Egglings – our mini herb gardens out of which, with just a bit of water, sun, and love, will sprout a plant of mint, basil, or lavender.

Once upon a time people would walk out to the backyard and pick tomatoes and lettuces for their salads, plus onions, radishes, and carrots to dress them. Modern life does not allow many of us to grow our own vegetables, but that does not mean that we must completely forgo of nature. We just have to get creative!

Egglings mini herb garden

When you first get an Eggling, you will find it sealed, like a real egg. The large egg shape is made out of ceramic, sized three inches in every direction. A gentle tap on the top will open a hole through which you can add water. After you do that for some time, you will find yourself able to pick a few basil leaves for a fresh homemade spaghetti sauce, or perhaps shake that famous mint mojito of yours with some home grown mint!

Egglings mini herb garden

Can you already imagine your friends’ reaction? Needless to say, our Egglings are a hit with the young people, both in age and at heart!

2 thoughts on “Enjoy A Little Nature With An Eggling Mini Herb Garden

  1. I really find this product pretty amusing, because it looked as if a plant is hatched from an egg! Moreover, the amount of space it takes up is quite minimal, so it’s quite a suitable ornament on my table.

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