REPAP: Tree-loving Notebooks With Paper Made From Stone

Most of us see a pile of reports and immediately think of all the trees that had to die in the process. That is because our society is becoming ever more aware of the need to preserve our natural resources – companies strive to go “paper-less,” more people get introduced to e-readers daily, and from every direction we are reminded of the importance of recycling.

As we get increasingly used to eco-friendly products, innovative minds think ahead in search of the next great developments. Some of them have already found a way to make paper out of a substance much more abundant in our planet than our precious trees… paper made from stone! No, you won’t need a chisel. The product, which is being called REPAP (paper spelled backwards), is white, soft, light, silky, waterproof, a smooth surface that turns writing into a unique experience; one that some have compared to ink floating across the paper.

repap ogami

An Italian company called Ogami is binding this paper, produced from calcium carbonate (a by-product of limestone) and bound by various resins, into attractive notebooks of different sizes, colors, and looks.

repap ogami

Ogami gives you a choice between notebooks with hard and soft covers in solid colors like blue, white, gray, and black, to spiraled books and notebooks with bright covers displaying thought provoking statements like “Doubt grows with knowledge,” and “A writer should write with his eyes, and a painter paint with his ears.”

repap quotes

At affordable prices, these Ogami REPAP books are absolutely the perfect present for your dear “tree-hugging” best friend, and of course for yourself. Here is a perfect way to save a tree today!

One thought on “REPAP: Tree-loving Notebooks With Paper Made From Stone

  1. We all could do better with cutting down our carbon footprints that’s for sure, with the bonus of maintaining our classy appearance with those designs. 😛

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