Add Ultimate Sophistication With Intricate Lighting

When you want to create a mood, choosing the right lighting is important.  For studying and reading you would need a bright room, but much less would be best when enjoying a glass of wine or the sounds of soft jazz, for example.

For that reason, your light fixtures should be more than “on and off” switches that will give you all or nothing. Instead, your lamps should be able to adjust depending on the occasion.

Consider, for example, Koncept’s Z-Bar Lamp. With the slide of a finger one can dim its light to a preferred brightness, or a simple touch to the strip can deliver a faster adjustment. Its z-shape, consisting of three flexible bars, allows one to direct the light in any particular direction, be it closer or further away or facing up or down.


The Z-Bar Lamp is a LED fixture, meaning that it was built to purposefully reduce energy consumption. Going green is no synonym to rustic or ugly. The Z-Bar Lamp contains 38% recycled materials by weight, its aluminum housing is fully recyclable, its color finish is water-based, its lighting is mercury free, and yet, it is also an eye-catching piece available in either silver or black so that it can blend beautifully in any home.



But aside from being efficient, the Z-Bar was designed to look modern and interesting. Because of its simple lines it looks well in just about any room and thanks to its durability there is bound to be enough time to test its charm all over the house.


“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication,” said the famous inventor Leonardo Da Vinci.

And the Z-Bar Lamp is proof of it.

zbar high power desk application

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