Find Poetry In Your Home With This Big Drop

If you have ever been to Millennium Park in Chicago you must have found yourself mesmerized by the beauty of Anish Kapoor’s public sculpture entitled “Cloud Gate,” an impressive 110-ton ellipse made of polished stainless steel plates that instantly makes one think of a mercury droplet.
cloud gate millenium park chicago

The Chicago skyline mirrors in its surface, turning the piece, as the artist himself declared, into “a poetic idea about the city it reflects.” The sculpture is attractive to the eye because of its shine and apparent smoothness, giving its viewer an almost uncontrollable desire to touch it. If one could have something that beautiful at home, who would not love it!
millenium park chicago cloud gate

And it turns out that you can have something like it at home. Not 33 feet high and 42 feet wide as the “Cloud Gate,” but the Big Drop Door Stopper, which was designed by Christian von Ahn for Philippi, is a just as shiny home accessory, refined and attractive.

philippi drop door stopper bigIn the shape of a mercury droplet, von Ahn’s Big Drop Door Stopper can double as a paperweight. With a rubber sole and polished chrome metal everywhere else, this functional but eye catching stopper will turn a mundane daily need, like keeping a door open, into something to talk about.

Here are four and a half inches wide and just over three inches tall of shine and smoothness that will deem any black rubber door stopper unfit for your home. Get this fabulous piece and find within its near two-inch diameter the spirit of Kapoor by seeing reflected on it “a poetic idea” of your home.

philippi drop door stopper big

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