Display Your Wine Bottles In Style

Not everyone can be as lucky as Cary Grant’s character in “Notorious,” and walk into a spacious cellar with its walls covered by hundreds of wine bottles of all sorts and age. (If you haven’t watched the film you really should. It has a superb cellar scene with Ingrid Bergman, and it is one of Hitchcock’s most outstanding works.) The good news is that even in a modern flat or small home, a man or woman of cutting-edge fashion sense can find a place to keep a few select wine bottles and have them available when the time is right.

Consider, for example, the Black & Blum Flow Wine Rack, which design intends to remind you that life is best when you do just that – go with the flow. It is 22 inches in height, made of superior quality stainless steel with a fine polished finish. It is delivered to you with the hardware needed to be mounted on the wall.

Black and Blum Flow Wine Rack

The Flow Wine Rack holds up to eight bottles in a horizontal position so that the cork can stay moist and so that you can keep your wine choices safe, use your space effectively, and still keep your bottles at arm’s reach and visible.

The rack can be installed in your kitchen, dining area, your study room, your terrace; the options are really as many as the rooms in your home.

Grab one or two, for you or your friend, and discover the delight of walking up to your personal, modern, “cellar.”

Black and Blum Flow Wine Rack

One thought on “Display Your Wine Bottles In Style

  1. I’d never imagine a piece of thin metal to be able to pivot the weight of all those wine bottles! Well, those bulky wine bottles are choking up my cabinet so it’d be nice to take this opportunity to showcase my hobby! 🙂

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