Oxygen Is Your Wine’s Friend

Should you own a wine aerator? Sometimes our hobbies come along with so many gadgets that it is difficult to decide whether they are necessary.

However, you may have noticed at wine tasting events that the vendors pour their samples through aerators attached to each of their bottles. Have you wondered why?

vinoair premier wine aerator

Wines are aerated to expose them to oxygen. That exposure allows for chemical reactions that are otherwise not possible or are significantly reduced. Some wines have little aroma when you first open them. Exposing them to oxygen may improve their scent and even their flavor.

Wines are aged because their flavor changes with time. An aged wine is richer because of the chemistry that happens inside the bottle throughout the years. But that same process sometimes releases gases that are not exactly enticing. Aerating the wine can help separate those gases from the spirit you want to enjoy.

The truth is we aerate our wines even unconsciously. When you turn the wine in your glass you aerate it some. When you pour a wine bottle into a decanter you aerate it a bit more. Simply put, oxygen is a wine’s friend.

Aerators like the VinOair Premier Wine Aerator help wines get in contact with as much air as possible even as they are poured.

The VinOair aerator is a beautiful tool that brings its benefits with little complication. It fits easily into any wine bottle, gives a perfect drip-free pour, and it requires only warm water to clean. It is of compact size and comes in its own attractive travel case.

Be it for yourself, or for the wine lover in your life, the VinOair Premier Wine Aerator will accomplish what any vino aficionado wants – maximum flavor and quality.

Vino air premier wine aerator

3 thoughts on “Oxygen Is Your Wine’s Friend

  1. Thanks for posting this awesome information. Keep up this great job. I’ll subscribe to your blog also. thanks!

  2. Not a wine specialist here, but I do dine in some high-end restaurants at times; I often see them using one of these aerators on their wine bottles, but it didn’t occur to me that it would serve such an important purpose.

    Well, no wonder their wines taste so fresh and rich in flavor!

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