The Perfect Corkscrew and Foil Cutter

A sophisticated wine drinker needs not hassle the process of enjoying his wine. Instead, a refined wine drinker acquires the needed tools, and while at it, selects aesthetically beautiful pieces that are themselves items of conversation.
blomus foilcutter corkscrew wine

Blomus Corkscrew and Foil Cutter Set

The experience of enjoying a glass of wine starts with the opening of the bottle. Rather than suffering through a difficult uncorking, supply yourself with the necessary accessories to make your wine drinking a delight from beginning to end.

In size it is just a small item, but a foil cutter can make the difference between easy bottle opening and a painful hand cut. Use this Blomus foil cutter to gain easy and fast access to the cork by simply rotating it at the top of the bottle. The foil covering the cork will come off swiftly. The Blomus corkscrew will then do the rest in one easy motion. This is a sturdy piece that needs only to be placed over the bottle and its lever will do the rest of the work for you. It does not need the rough turning and pulling that you may have experienced with manual corkscrews. With this one you can open your wine and continue a conversation without missing a beat.

For those evenings when a glass of wine is all that you want, the replacement corkscrew that comes with this set will help you reseal the bottle and keep it safe to enjoy again tomorrow. Show off this gorgeous Blomus corkscrew and foil cutter set at your next party and give your guests yet more things to talk about.

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