Calm Commode: Bringing Zen to Your Bathroom

zen bathroom decor spa

Sometimes, the most relaxing place to be is the bathroom, and those moments of solitude and thought deserve to be zen-like. Think about it: the bathroom is the one place that grants you complete departure from reality, a handful of time where you needn’t answer to anyone, be on your best behavior, or even think at all. Whether you let your mind wander while doing your business or act out your best dance moves in the steaming shower, the bathroom is your retreat, even if only temporarily, and it should be refreshing, renewing, and relaxing. Take a gander at some easy decorating ideas for creating a zen-inspired calming atmosphere in the bathroom!

The Colors of Zen

zen bathroom lighting

Because zen is about calmness and tranquility, the chosen colors for your bathroom space should reflect that attitude. Neutral colors — sand, taupe, green, white, gray, and black– are best suited for this because they lend themselves well to being mixed without clashing. Natural colors also mimic those found in nature, and adding them to a small room can create an airy flow that actually enlarges the space. Should you prefer to mix in some bright colors,be sure to balance the light with the dark for a complementary color scheme.

Layering Light

light sources bathroom decor zen

While you might choose decorative lamps or sconces for your zen bathroom, you might also consider how the light affects the space. Rather than using it simply for function, think about creating depth using multiple lighting sources carefully placed to carry the eye throughout the room. Like the lighting observed in a natural landscape, bathroom lighting can help foster that same openness and visual interest. Note shadows, highlights, brightness, and placement of lights and if their focus feels natural or almost accidental, not contrived or too attention-grabbing.

The Simplicity of Lines

A zen bathroom is simple. No, really, it is.

Because zen is calm, the design and flow of everything in a zen bathroom should include straight lines throughout. Smooth lines don’t feel forced, and visually speaking, they establish a simple but cohesive look. And simplicity really is key, as will be made obvious in the next section.

The Free Space of Zen

Not a toothbrush or comb in sight.

Think of a luxurious hotel bathroom: what you might not notice right away is another key to completing your zen bathroom. Unlike your personal bathroom, the hotel bathroom is intended to look like no one’s used it before, and every item has a place. Decluttering your space and keeping essentials within reach but out of sight adds to the amount of visual space in your bathroom. Clear your counters and place everyday items like toothbrushes somewhere close by– say, in a medicine cabinet– and use soap dispensers and shampoo and conditioner containers that complement the space and your chosen color scheme. Though you might add towels that seamlessly blend into the room, plush white towels make for a spa-like atmosphere. For items that need to be close, store them in a basket of natural material, like wood or raffia.

Natural Elements

bathroom nature serenity and flow.

Zen is most often associated with nature, and whether you use natural accents or an entire focal point the refreshing aura of flowers and greenery is just irreplaceable. Remembering simplicity, any decorative items you add should be small in size and touch– even a single flower in a vase will do. If your first impression upon entering is your porcelain throne, try adding a piece of art above it to draw attention away. Candles are also an easy natural addition, and both soaps and candles are a bonus if scented (lavender and vanilla work best for a relaxing atmosphere). Diffusers can also create a subtle yet decadent ambiance by exuding light aromas in the air. Our favorite is this Spa Mare diffuser by Blomus, giving your room a natural ocean breeze scent with a hint of effortless musk that creates a luxurious spa-like ambiance. If you prefer something even more streamlined, reed diffusers add a small modern touch without being at all overpowering. On a larger scale, materials like stone and wood are essential for avoiding a synthetic look, and every space featured here utilizes natural elements as much as tastefully possible. And like nature, there’s always more than what you see, so any window in your bathroom might need a bit of tidying up, both in side and out, so regardless of the direction, there’s still a view to admire.

The next time you step into your bathroom, take a look around. If it feels crammed, outdated, or just not special, a zen bathroom makeover could easily merit it your new favorite room in your home.

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2 thoughts on “Calm Commode: Bringing Zen to Your Bathroom

  1. Maybe I’ll get myself some rocks and plants, and some other miscellaneous Earth material to naturify my bathroom. Got to say I really like the last idea, the natural element of Zen.

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