Where To Travel This Spring: 5 Best Destinations In The USA

May is the perfect time to travel as not only is the weather the perfect blend of spring and summer, but it is right before summer vacation. It is the best time to catch the destinations before tourists swamp the area meaning that prices will still be relatively low!

Here are some recommendations of places worth checking out to visit this May:

joshua tree

Joshua Tree National Park, California

This California desert is filled with natural wonders and gorgeous man-made art installations. May is a great time to visit to avoid the summer heat. Take a hike on the numerous trails or go in time for the annual Joshua Tree Music Festival in mid-May to enjoy some music.


Louisville, Kentucky

May is the perfect time to visit Louisville, Kentucky as the famous Kentucky Derby Races happen the first week in May. This tradition that began in 1875 still continues, so put on your best dress and make your way to Kentucky! Even if you visit later on in May, you will find horse racing theme al the way through the last weekend of May. Of course, there is more to Louisville than just the horse races, so make sure you spend time in the city as well.

purple mountain majesty

Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado 

If you love the mountains, try and make it out to the Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado this May. In 2015, it is the 100th Anniversary of the park, and there will be a variety of special activities and community events going on to celebrate. The beauty of the Rocky Mountains is indescribable in words and is something you will need to experience in person.


San Antonio, Texas 

San Antonio, Texas is vibrant city that must be visited. From the River Walk to the Alamo, you will learn both about the history of the place and also see the economic advancements of the city. May is the perfect month to go as there are celebrations almost every weekend. Go for the Cinco de Mayo festival at the historic Market Square, or A Wine and Culinary Arts Festival celebrating Mexican and Latin American culture on May 13-17.


The Beach

Not specifically a destination, but make your first visit to the beach this May. As Memorial Weekend officially kicks off summer, a fun trip to the closest beach may be the best way to wave goodbye to spring and officially welcome in summer. Take a PICO Compact Foldable Arm Chair and pack a picnic with this Winecoat so that you can have chilled wine while relaxing at the beach.

Whatever mini-vacation you choose in May will be a welcomed teaser to the summer that is just a few steps away!

Green Is In! It’s National Salad Month



National Salad Month is a great time to focus on eating more greens! Vegetables are so healthy and good for the body, and really should be incorporated in the diet all year long. National Salad Month is also an excellent time to experiment with salad ingredients. Salads can include fruit and small amounts of meats for extra protein.

Some tips for celebrating salad month are as followed:


Mix Recipes

Try to give yourself a challenge and eat a salad for one of your meals everyday this month. Remember that salads do not only mean a typical green “garden salad”. Even if you may not typically love salads, there are so many variations, you will be sure to find something that suits you.

Instead of focusing on a simple salad with only lettuce, try making salads your entire meal. Boosting the nutrition in the salad through color and texture can make a salad tasty and more enticing to eat.

If you are already a vegetarian, some cheese may be the perfect way for you to get the extra protein you need for energy. The Froma Cheese Slicer makes it easy for you to keep things neat and clean in the kitchen, while allowing your salads to look and taste delicious.

When you have friends or family over, try serving your salads with the Inset Salad Server. This salad server pair will make picking up the salad an easy task for everyone. They are also designed to take minimal storage space and someone will be sure to comment on the unique style.

Blomus RAMO Oil & Vinegar Set


Try a simple dressing such as olive oil and balsamic vinegar. This handy Glass Oil and Vinegar Cruet makes it easy to store. If you are looking for something slightly more upscale for a formal dinner, the Oil and Vinegar Ramo Duo (pictured above) will do the trick. It will also match the pepper and salt shakers for a put together dining experience.

If you are an expert in the kitchen, you may even consider spicing your dressings up a bit more. The Dressing Shaker makes this an easy task to do.


Plant an Edible Garden

If you have a green thumb, planting some edible plants is a great way to celebrate Salad Month this May. Not only will it save money in the long run, a home garden is an excellent way to ensure you are eating healthy all the time.

Are you excited for National Salad Month? Do you already incorporate a lot of salads in your diet? Do you have a favorite salad recipe? Let us know in the comments below!

Getting Ready for Memorial Weekend!


Memorial Weekend is coming up at the end of the month and is always something to look forward to with the extra day of the weekend. Even though historically it is meant to commemorate the men and women who died in military service for the United States, it is also seen as the official start of summer.

The essence of Memorial Weekend is to appreciate what those who are in the service do for the United States, and to spend time with family and friends. If you are like most people, you have probably already planned a family gathering, going out of town, or a picnic at the local park. It is also the start of when it is “officially” (according to the fashion conscious) acceptable to wear white clothing.

Here are some items to prepare you to have the best Memorial Day!


Aluminum Travel Set

If you are taking the weekend and are planning to travel far by plane, this aluminum travel set might be the perfect thing to get. The bottles are according to TSA carry-on standard, and include two pump bottles, one spray bottle, and one twist-top bottle to fit anything from shampoo to lotion.


WIRES Bottle Carrier

This is the perfect thing to bring on a family trip to the beach or park for a picnic. It is important to always stay hydrated, especially as the weather warms up, and this will make it quite easy to do so. It is made of stainless steel and is perfect as you can keep using it for the rest of the summer.


Double Wall Ice Bucket 

Whether you decide to host a Memorial Day party in your home or go out and celebrate the nice weather, this Double Wall Ice Bucket will keep your ice cool for a long time no matter if you are inside or outside. You can also conveniently use it as a cooler to chill your champagne, wine, or any other beverage simply by flipping the lid. It also comes with a matching stainless steel ice scoop that fits right into the attached holder so that getting ice will never be a challenge again.


Inset Salad Servers

These cleverly designed salad servers are perfect for a Memorial day party. They easily can fit in your bags for an outdoor picnic, and will match perfectly with any dining room table. They are also a great conversation starter and will give your guests a laugh.

Do you have any plans this Memorial Weekend? Let us know what you are doing in the comments below!

May Flower of the Month: Inspiration from the Lily of the Valley


The May Flower of the Month is the unique Lily of the Valley. These bright, white flowers are popular to grow in gardens, but be careful, as they are highly poisonous when ingested. Taking inspiration from the Lily of the Valley flower is great in May as once Memorial Day Weekend starts, the use of white will once again become socially acceptable!

You can easily work your way through each of your rooms in your home to add a little extra white space!



Shell Table Lamp

Having more than one light source is an excellent way to add varied lighting colors and textures to a room. This sphere-like shell table lamp not only works as a lamp, but also as a standalone decorative piece. The inspiration for the design comes from the soothing waves of the ocean, and this piece will offer a relaxed, ambient feel to your room.


Cloud Magnetic Key Holder 

Even the best of us will sometimes forget where we put our keys, but with this magnetic key holder, you no longer have to worry about misplacing your house or car keys. The little cloud can easily hang on the door or wall for easy access and your keys will easily attach to it.



Birdie Foaming Soap Pump

Whether this is for your children or yourself, this cute, little soap pump is also extremely sustainable. Instead of wasting money and plastic on buying soap dispensers, you should invest in a reusable soap container like this one! The perks of this is you simply have to add 90% water and 10% soap (saving you money in the long run as soap is something you cannot live without!) to get a soft and foamy soap combination that is perfect for your hands.

Dining and Kitchen


Sugar & Creamer Set 

We all love our morning coffee or tea, so why not enhance this experience by using these hand-made clay designed sugar & creamer set? It is an excellent way to brighten up your morning to help increase productivity and energy!


Cups & Vessels Resin Tumbler 

The making behind this cup is spectacular and adds to the specialty of it. The process starts out with a hand-made clay design, and then the cup itself is hand molded and cast in resin. Not only does it take the shape of the Lily of the Valley flower, but just as each Lily of the Valley is unique, each cup you get will be slightly different. It is a small daily reminder when you use it that we each have our own personalities and interests in life! The simplicity yet care into this cup is a great asset to the kitchen or office.

Are you adding anything to your home this May? What do you think of the white Lily of the Valley flower inspiration? Let us know in the comments below!