Halloween Wonderland: 5 DIY Entrance Decorations

It’s that time of the year again folks… October, a time when all the holiday madness begins and when most people go insane, starting with me. We will kick it off with one of my old time favorites, Halloween. And let’s face it, who doesn’t like Halloween?  It’s the only time out of the entire year when you can be anyone you want and not necessarily get judged for it.  Halloween to me is like a huge carnival…magical with lots of uncertainty.  If you “celebrate” it, why not turn your home into a magical wonderland?  Let’s get spooky with it, shall we?

Halloween is all about setting a scene.  Why not greet your trick or treaters with this fabulous front door decor? It’s cheap, fun and easy to do!  Grab a few pumpkins, electric drill, bunch of votives, black owls or bats and voila!

Small-pumpkins-rack-message-GTL1005-deIf the other idea isn’t working for you, try this one.  For a killer entrance, perch ravens on bare branches with pumpkins as their base and you will have one super spooktacular scene!  Let’s face it… Halloween without pumpkins is no Halloween at all.

halloween-decorations-pumpkins-ravens-1007-lgnNext, create a Wicked Window by using candlelight to create dark shadows in the corners. Here, the ghostly white tapers in a flea market candelabra enhance the creepiness of cobwebs and flying bats.


We all love pumpkins, but come on… when it comes to Halloween, things can get pretty messy around the house, especially with your little ones running around!  Not to mention, you don’t want anyone to get hurt while carving a pumpkin, no matter what the end result may be. These following ideas are perfect for creating fun and festive pumpkins at low costs and low mess guaranteed.

These adorable…correction, spooky vases do require a knife, but the celestial designs come courtesy of a spoon, not torturous slicing and dicing. Cut off the top of the pumpkin, and remove the innards, aka the nasty guts. Spray-paint the rind a matte black and let dry. Use a spoon handle to scratch away paint to create stars, moons, and spirals. Add water and blooms.

halloween-pumpkins-paint-s3-vrIi2T-large_newInstead of the usual haunts, why not group pumpkins in a less-expected locale, like an unused fireplace? This idea is adorable, safe and easy to do, plus you can make it even more spookful if you want to.

halloween-pumpkins-decorating-s3-Jeo3sj-large_newHalloween depends on your own personal taste and you can never go wrong with your own creativity! Take these ideas and make them your own. Keep Calm and Spook On!

Serve Your Light Meals In Style With These Products

Sometimes you just don’t feel like a big meal. Sometimes a glass of wine, a cup of coffee, and a few munchies – cheese, crackers, olives, cookies – will do the trick. For those evenings, you want to have the correct dishes so that your light dinner can taste and look delicious.

Just in the mood for some olives, nuts, or crackers? The j-me Nibble Coaster will work perfectly. It has a compartment to serve whatever you feel like eating and at the same time it will work as a coaster for your drink.


Olives are delicious, but you don’t want their vinegar to spill over your other foods. The Blomus UTILO Olive Spoon Set will make sure they are served properly. You think you can do the same with any old spoon? Not! These spoons are designed to drain the liquid from the olives prior to serving!


Have some fancy cheese to enjoy? The Blomus SITIO Cheese Grater and Tray can help you grate the block of cheese if that is what you desire, or the porcelain tray can be used to serve it.

If you have a few items to serve, keep it separate yet together with the Blomus Esto Finger Food Set, a food tray where you can enjoy six different items in style. This is the perfect set to serve chips and salsa, humus and pita bread, guacamole… you get the idea.


Make your light meals feel like big meals in these great serving sets. They will taste and LOOK delicious!


A Summer Hit: The Ravi Wine Chiller

Instant wine refresher?  Yes, please.  I would like two.

Wouldn’t you want to pour perfectly chilled wine instantly?  Now you can bring out the best in your wine by serving it at just the right temperature without ice buckets or special refrigeration. Who has time for all these extracurricular activities when in reality, we all want to just get to the one main thing: drinking that delish wine!  With Ravi, you can accomplish just this.  Ravi Instant Wine Refresher can be stored in your freezer for at least six hours and then attached directly to your wine bottle. Naturally, the wine chills to perfection when you pour it through the Ravi and use the air-intake valve to control the flow for regulating wine temperature.


The fabulous Ravi can cool a full bottle of room-temperature red wine to 64 degrees F, or chill many glasses of white wine to as low as 40 degrees F.  Ok, now I would like 3 of these please. 

Instead of wasting time cooling the bottles, now you can cool what truly matters and that is the wine. The outside of the Ravi Instant Wine Refresher is an insulating shell that keeps the interior frozen for over an hour. Inside, a high-grade stainless-steel tube maintains wine characteristics and ensures that taste is never altered. Comes with wine thermometer and air pump for thorough cleaning.

To sum up this glorious invention:

• There is no more need for ice buckets
• There is no more mess
• There is no need to pre-chill
• There is no need to wait for your wine to reach that perfect temperature

Not only is Ravi a fabulous addition to your already great-looking kitchen, but this awesome gadget could equally be admired at your friend’s house too! A fantastic gift for only $39.95 and a lifetime of happiness and cheer!  Get yours today!  

Organize Messy Cords With The Bobino Driinn

The Driinn Mobile Phone Holder looks very simple – just a V-shape device made of a mix of plastic and rubber – but we think it is an ingenious invention that will be appreciated by anyone striving to keep organized.

The Driinn can help you accomplish several things, including to help you designate a permanent and safe spot for your phone, keep the risks of loose cords at a minimum, and avoid seeing your expensive phone plunge hard against the floor.

Driinn Mobile Phone Holder

If you normally charge your phone on an outlet near the floor, you are most likely dealing with a good amount of cord strewn all over the place. That brings about the potential of a tripping accident for anyone who walks by it. The shape of the Drinn will allow you to wrap up all the extra cord, keeping your floor surface clear.

Furthermore, with the Driinn you will not have to look for the outlet closest to the floor anymore. You can charge your phone on any outlet, even one up high, because the Driinn can hang about the plug and at once serve as a small table for you unit. Because the Driinn is made partly of rubber, it is not slippery but rather its surface “grabs on” to your phone.

Driinn Mobile Phone Holder

With the Driinn there will be no more need to set your phone on a table to charge. It has happened to us so we figure it has happened to you: Is there anything more painful than seeing your precious unit slam against the ground because the weight of the cord pulled it down? The Driinn will save you from having to pick up the pieces and from the disappointment of seeing horrible scratches.

Driinn Mobile Phone Holder

Just to make it fun besides practical, the Driinn folds down to a slim compact design and is available in several colors, including black, orange, and white.

Prevent breaks and complications by using this affordable device which, on top of it all, will keep your life organized. Get yours here today!

Trend Watching 2014: Top 3 Trends To Look Out For

We’ve survived the first half of 2014!  While we were busy getting our summer wardrobe ready, the trend setters worldwide have been working hard to present to us all the novelty we will see this year. And boy, do they have some fun stuff in store for us?!

No matter what market or industry you’re in, if you’re obsessed with catering to evolving consumer needs, desires and expectations, you will prosper through even the most insane global upheavals, whatever their flavor. In 2014, 2015, 2016 and beyond.  Getting excited yet? Here is a handful of consumer trends that are begging to be applied in the next 12 months. By you.  For you.

Guilt-Free Status

Ever feel guilty for unintentionally damaging our planet?  Take a moment to think about your daily consumption and the impact it has on our planet and society.  Let’s face it: some habits we simply cannot change. But this year, you won’t have to with the Guilt-Free ultimate indulgence. The time has finally come to create products and services that deliver a guilt-free status fix by being one of these:

  • Tesla Model S will act as instantly recognizable signals of great sustainability. The Tesla is a luxurious emission-free all electric vehicle that only available at Tesla dealers. This ensures a great buy for you direct from the Tesla makers and getting rid of the middle man in the process.
  • Visibly guilt-free: high status, chic or fashionable products that are visibly sustainable, ethical or healthy will deliver a GUILT-FREE STATUS hit. Get inspired by Nudie’s rugs made from recycled jeans (featured below)
  • Storied. If a product or service isn’t known or visible, it will need a GUILT-FREE story that the owner can tell others (and impress them with).  Example: Liberty United: a jewelry line created from decommissioned guns and bullets. The brand aims to help take firearms off the streets and a portion of the proceeds goes to nonprofits working to reduce gun crime.

Stoked yet?

Tesla Car Future

Tesla S


Nudie Rugs

Liberty United Firearm Bullet Recycled Jewelry

Liberty United Re-purposed Jewelry

Crowd Shaped

In 2014, more people will be bound to pool their data, their profiles and their preferences, in groups to shape new goods and services.  Social media, eCommerce, endless read/watch/play lists, smartphone GPS services and more, connected consumers will start creating vast profiles and data trails that relate to everything from their music preferences to their daily movements.

2014 is about to see two certainties:

  • The technologies that facilitate the creation and passive sharing of those data streams will become ever more ubiquitous (Google Glass)
  • Consumer expectations are amplified

The connected crowd comes of age, via CROWDSHAPING: new products and services shaped by the aggregated preferences or behavior of (small and big) groups of consumers, as expressed via their data.  Examples are listed below.

  • CheckinDJ is a crowdsourced jukebox that arranges a venue’s music playlist to match the overall taste of its current patrons. Users register online or via an app, and enter their favorite music genres. Once at a participating venue, they use an NFC-enabled device to check-in. The playlist at the venue automatically adjusts to reflect their taste. Individuals can earn influence points by syncing the app with their social networks and by checking in with groups of friends. Let’s get Checked-In!


  • Kutsuplus: An on-demand minibus service that calculates an optimal route for those on-board



This term describes the growing trend of people who use technology to track their health, because trend setters believe the mind is the new body. Take for instance the Emotiv Insight. This sleek and wireless headset measures your brain waves and can tell you how your brain is doing, all from a mobile app. This device can tell you how your brain responds to different stages of focus, energy, stress and relaxation. An innovative brain fitness tool to help you better understand your mind. Astounding! Best of all, this item will soon be available to the public as the project already reached it’s goal with the help of the crowdfunding site Kickstarter.


Which of these trends are you looking forward to seeing in your near future? For more trends to watch out for, visit trendwatching.com

Gifts for Wine Lovers

Wine… one of my favorite beverages in the entire world.  I am sure most of you would agree. There is nothing cozier than having a good glass of red on a gloomy, winter day. And if your friends and family are anything like mine, they would most definitely agree. To satisfy that someone special on your list, I am going to help you by sharing some of my favorite gifts for a wine enthusiast. Let the wine flow!

1. I have to start with Ravi. It is such a genius product!  Check out this Ravi Iceberg.  It is the ultimate wine chiller that will keep your wine cold as an ice bucket for up to 2 hours! Not only that, but you won’t have those annoying water stains on your table anymore.  Its minimalist look won’t overpower your kitchen look; pretty enough to be displayed on the counter or easily stored in one of your kitchen cabinets.  For $20, this is the ultimate great gift at a bargain price that everyone would love!


2. While raving about the Ravi, check out another one of their awesome products.  The Instant Wine Chiller. So sleek and efficient, it makes for a great new addition to any bar. What’s special about this product is that it never alters the taste of your wine. Makes a perfect gift for any wine-r in your life ;)


3. If you have an artistic wine lover in your life, you should probably stick to weird gifts.  And by weird, I mean very unique, different, something that they may not get for themselves.  Check out this Flow Wine Rack.  The sleek look of this bottle rack will grab everyone’s attention. It holds up to eight bottles, which allows for major space saving, especially if your wine lover lives in a small compound. You will just have to go with the flow on this one!


4. This gift is perfect for your best girlfriend.  No more not-so-appealing wine boxes on open display. This Baggy Winecoat by Menu was designed, I believe, with women in mind. Each wine coat is designed for a wine bag from a standard wine box and the opening fits all standard taps. It comes in various colors, so pick one that describes your wine lover the most. This Winecoat allows for ice packs that will keep the wine chilled while traveling.


5. I personally love Menu.  This Scandinavian company truly knows sleek design and functionality. And they clearly know the importance of a good wine, its perfect temperature and preservation of its taste.  Check out this Cool Breather Carafe.  It acts as a wine aerator and serving carafe. It also includes a re-usable cooling stick so the wine stays nice and chilled. All Menu items are made with sensible Scandinavian design in Denmark and are versatile enough to use with other liquids as well. The Cool Breather Carafe makes an excellent gift for wine lovers and a beautiful addition to any serving table.


6.  Wine glasses are always a great gift. This beautifully crafted set of four, festive wine glasses are quality-made and hand blown. The Sagaform Wine Glasses will make you want to have a party each and every day!  Pick your wine lover’s favorite color and let the joy flow!


7. If your wine lover loves to read about different wines, the best bet is getting them a yearly subscription to the Wine Enthusiast magazine or any other fabulous wine magazine that might be out there. They will think of you each month their magazine arrives and who knows?  You may even get invited to the next best discovered glass of Pinot Noir afterall ;)


  8. If you favorite winologist has a wine celler or a vineyard, why not get them something super personal such as these rustic grapey coasters?  Add their name, something funny about them or the name of their celler/vineyard and you got yourself an awesome gift they will keep forever!


9. Your friends may think they know all about the wine, but we all know that they are in fact missing a few pieces of the wine puzzle.  In any case, this gorgeous tabletop/countertop book is the ultimate gift for your wine enthusiast. Not only is it gorgeous to be displayed openly, The World Atlas of Wine will take your wine lover to the places he/she has never been before. Who knows? They may take you with them and that certainly is not too shabby :)


10. For a hippy wine lover, you must get the Bicycle Wine Holder.  The picture speaks for itself. This is for that one wine lover who always comes prepared.


Let’s face it.  Buying gifts for other adults is challenging.  Add the picky wine lovers to the mix and you got yourself a real problem.  It still takes me an hour of humming and hawing up and down the wine aisles to select that perfect bottle of wine for a friend. Why? Because my wine lovers are super picky and they can’t help themselves. Clearly, neither can I.

Fortunately for you, we created this helpful list of amazing wine lover gifts that even haughty sommeliers will appreciate getting. Happy Vino-ing!

Kids’ Spaces: Reinvented

Who doesn’t love to be a kid once in a while or maybe even always?  I know I do!  Kids spaces don’t have to be boring these days.  They should be fun, vibrant and full of color!  Boys don’t have to live in blue rooms and girls don’t have to indulge in bright pinks.  The choices are endless and room decor can be utilized to please both: boys and girls at the same time. Check out some of our favorite kid room decor below and let us know what you think!

1. This particular play space blends in with the grown-up decor. A custom chalkboard is always very popular with kids and adults as well!  Chalk is always a good choice when it comes to kids’ rooms.  Everyone loves some chalk action and school play!  We are loving this rustic yet modern style for the kids of all ages.


2. How about this adorable artsy little creation? Hang your kids’ art on the walls to showcase their work, embrace their creativity and let the colors flow!  Get their help with placement of their own art and encourage them to continue creating.  We heart this room <3


3. Swing away, I say!  This adorable design can be added to any kids’ room! Grab an old tire, get a colorful rope to match and voila! Your kids will be busy for hours, not to mention having a blast!  You can enjoy your own quiet time as well :)  Best part about it: you can build this together with your kids!  Get them involved to create and recreate.



4. Dream Desk: Stocked with everything a student needs, this hideaway is an inviting place to pore over homework. Two store-bought bookcases are filled with handy, stay-organized tools, like a calendar for upcoming school events, an “in” box for unfinished assignments, and an “out” box for finished homework to be checked by Mom and Dad. We love a desk that’s close to the window, letting natural light in and this awesome bench chair that can be utilized to store toys, book-bags, etc.



5.  How about this ready-made plate rack that can easily be transformed into a child’s bookshelf, displaying both toys and books? Fabulous idea and super versatile and space-saving!



Stay tuned for more fun and useful kid-friendly spaces and fun-filled cases :)




Easter Decor

If you are anything like me, you are probably so over the winter blues.  Banish winter blahs and brighten up your home indoors and out with some fresh flowers, cheery spring colors and whimsical Easter-themed touches.  Let’s dive into the brightness together!

Bulbs in Chalkboard Pots 

Why not add a cheery pop of spring color to your foyer, living room, kitchen or bedroom?  Get a chalkboard spray paint and some super versatile and inexpensive terra cotta pots and start getting creative! Add a tulip bulb and once it has finished blooming indoors, plant it outside and enjoy it for many springs to come!


Wreath Away…

Add some life to your super boring wreath :)  Use plants that represent spring and are easy to care for, such as succulents and moss.  In other words, get moss-y with it!


Get Your Glitter On

Shimmering eggs in a bed of moss make a lovely (and easy!) Easter centerpiece. To create them, paint wooden, cardboard or blown-out eggs in soft pastel shades. Once the paint has dried, apply glue dots in a random pattern then sprinkle glitter over the eggs for a sparkling polka dot effect.  Adorbs!


Bring the Indoors Out

My ultimate favorite!  Why stay cooped up inside when dining outdoors in the spring is such a treat we often take for granted!  Carry the dining table outside and enjoy your Easter dinner in the sunshine surrounded by trees, bushes and flowers just breaking into bloom.  Keep it simple, fresh,clean and bright!


Pretty Place Settings

Seriously, how sweet are these little chicks? Why not creatively show your guests their seat?  Simply print your guests’ names onto small strips of card stock then top each plate with a pair of fluffy chicks and candy eggs.  Chick-a-lish!


Old Vase Go Away!

Do yourself a favor before going to spend more money at the craft store!  Take your old ordinary vases or jars and wrap them with spring-inspired wrapping paper. Mix and match patterns and fill vases with bold flowers to create an eye-catching centerpiece!  Cheap, almost free and gorgeous!  What’s not to love?


Eggs in the Carton

Create an appealing, low centerpiece using eggs, flowers and an egg carton. To make this, pierce the top of a raw egg with a pin, then gently poke the hole with your finger to widen it. Empty the whites and yolk carefully through the hole, and rinse the shell with water. Fill with delicate flowers like sweet pea and mimosa. Place the eggs in a carton or individually in eggcups.  Cuteness doesn’t begin to describe this creative little piece!

RX-HGMAG009_Easter-047-b_4x3_lgFaux Bird’s Nest With Robin’s Eggs

In under an hour, you can turn aluminum foil (yes, aluminum foil), Spanish moss, tree bark and sphagnum moss into a realistic bird’s nest you can fill with painted robin’s eggs or Easter treats.  Ummm…sign me up!


Drama Time 

Tall manzanita branches hung with paper butterflies create an architectural centerpiece for this sun-washed spring table setting by thrify diva Kate Riley. Vintage plates, pale blue dyed eggs and fluffy white hydrangeas work together to create an icy, eye-catching color palette.  I heart it!


Gift Away

Use leftover moss from your centerpiece to make party favors for family and friends. Fill miniature baskets with moss and speckled candy eggs and attach a name tag with each guest’s name on each basket. The baskets serve double duty as favors and place cards.  We heart it and hope that you do too!


Whatever you choose, make sure to enjoy the holiday with your loved ones! Be happy, smile and keep it bright :)