Tips for Spectacular Dining Design

Dining design is key to fully enjoying your meals and having a better eating experience each day. Eating should be an enjoyable part of the day as it restores energy in the body and allows us to go about our day stress-free and productive.

Here are some products for the kitchen that can help make your dining experience the best it can be no matter what time of day it is.

Desa Honey Jar

Blomus Desa Honey Jar

Starting your day off with lemon and honey in warm water can be even more powerful than coffee. It hydrates the body after the long night, and gives renewed energy to the body. This honey jar makes it easy to store and use every day. Honey can be a nuisance sometimes as it is sticky and messy.

This jar is designed to combat that problem by having a silicone spoon is attached to the lid, allowing the honey to pour and easily flow when you want it to.

CONO Macchiato Set

Blomus Coffee Cup Macchiato Set


Coffee is a vital part of most people’s morning routine. Eat your breakfast in style with this set of a stainless steel saucer and spoon. Not only will you be drinking much needed coffee, you will be sipping it out of a well-designed statement.

PIX Snack Fork Set

Blomus Pix Appetizer Fork Set

These mini forks are great if you often have guests over. Officially designed for Hors d’oeuvres, these forks can be used for any small snack. They are classy and made of stainless steel, making it an easy way to seem more prepared than you may actually be.

Pasta Server with Multifunction

Multi-function Pasta Server Tool

This all-in-one tool is necessary for all the pasta lovers out there. This specially designed tool first allows you to measure dry pasta easily, use it to serve the cooked pasta, and even grate the cheese as a final topping onto your pasta. This invention is the perfect kitchen accessory to get.


Wine Glasses

Sagaform Wine Glasses


The best meals will be accompanied by a fine glass of wine. Why not pair it with these classy and colorful wine glasses that are festive and cheery. They are hand blown and are top quality.

These are cleverly designed to have a thick handle so that no matter how much wine you drink, you will have a sturdy grip on these cups. This allows you to have an excuse to enjoy your night away with an extra glass of wine!

Each of the above items are specially designed for the user in mind, making each one a handy yet special accessory to have in the kitchen for your meals.

Which one is your favorite? Would you try any of these in your home? Let us know!

Simple and Modern Accessories for Your Desk

Staying productive in the office or at home can be key to a happy and stress-free lifestyle. If you are finding that your work space is overcrowded and not ideal for working, here are just a few items that can help you organize your belongings and get you back on track.

LED Folding Desk Lamp

Lumisource LED Folding Table Lamp

The first thing you will want to note in your office space is if you are getting adequate light. Of course, natural light from windows will help you to stay productive, but if you need some extra help, consider the LED Folding Desk Lamp. Not only is this lamp a stylish and modern design, it works as a portable table lamp to allow you to work in any setting. It is collapsible which allows it to be easily moved and also has a telescoping arm. There are several settings from dim, low light to a brighter option.

MagNet Mesh Organizer

MagNet Mesh Organizer

If you find yourself always looking for a pen or something to write on, this MagNet Mesh Organizer was made for you. Here you have everything all in one spot, allowing you to throw away your previous scattered brain self. It also has a special strong magnetic back, allowing you to place this on the side of your desk to give you more working room.

MURO Perforated Magnet Board

Blomus Muro Magnetic Perforated Board

Keeping track of important dates, messages and meetings has never been easier with this Magnetic Perforated Board. Not only does the perforated steel make it attractive, you will also be sure to keep this board for a while as it can handle the daily wear and tear. The perforated aspect also is excellent for putting hooks on for keys. Now you can have everything important all in one place. This is also great for the home to help keep everyone’s schedules straight and keep important papers such as grocery lists and doctor appointments.

Anti Slip LapTray

Bosign Anti Slip Lap Tray

If you often bring work from the office back home, or if your home is your workspace, the Anti-Slip Laptray is a handy tool to have. Most lap trays will be great in concept but may slide and not do the job of holding everything on it in place. This work surface has been tested with laptops, phones, cups, and bowls. You can now be more productive by eating while you work. It also comes with a mold-able pillow bottom so that you do not have to have the direct heat of your laptop ever touch your thighs again.

Do you find that you have a special area in your home that you are most productive in? Do you already use similar items in your workspace? Let us know in the comments below!

Functional Must-Haves for Party Hosting

It is not easy hosting a party and it is even more challenging to host a great party that gets your guests gushing about it afterwards. There always needs to be a delicate balance of food and drinks, organized fun time and time to socialize. As the host of the party, you should focus all your time during the party talking with guests and making sure everything is running smoothly.

To ease your mind, here are some exciting options that will brighten up your party automatically without you doing a thing!

Oasis Beverage Center

Oasis Beverage jar

A water station is a must-have at any party, but why not bring it up a notch with this Oasis Beverage Center. Not only is it a classy mason jar design, you can also put some slices of lemon or cucumber for both a nicer taste and appearance.

Esto Finger Food Set

Esto Finger Food Set

Finger foods are always a nice addition to any party. Whether you bring out some pre-ordered sushi or something simple like chips or salsa, your guests will be grateful for the gesture. The set comes with a tray as well as plates and bowls, making it the perfect option no matter what food you choose.

Rainbow Cocktail Tool

Rainbow Cocktail Layering Tool

Bedazzle your guests and have them be impressed with your drink making skills by using this rainbow cocktail tool. If you have ever tried making one of these by yourself, you will appreciate this tool even more. Detailed instructions come with the purchase, but you simply poor the liquid ingredients based on heaviest to lightest. A rainbow cocktail will be a memorable experience to leave your guests.

4 Bottle LED Bar Caddy

Final Touch 4 Bottle LED Bar Caddy

To go along with the rainbow cocktails, this 4 Bottle LED Bar Caddy will complete your impressive bar. Keep the party going with a round of shots for everyone. This handy caddy not only keeps your bottles from leaking, it also measures out the perfect amount of liquid into the shot glass without spilling.

MENU Beer Foamer

MENU Beer Foamer

You will want to make sure that you have a good balance of cocktail and beer at your party. This MENU beer foamer is the icing on the cake to the already impressive home bar. The beer foamer will optimize the beer drinking experience by controlling the head of foam. Your guests will think you are an expert at pouring beer and you may just earn some extra points in their books.

The above appliances will help you get on your way to having the confidence to host the perfect party for your friends and family!

A Clever Guide to Hosting Summer Parties

Summer is officially here and it is time to start thinking about hosting a party! Even if you may not be on a long vacation, try to find a weekend where you can invite your friends and loved ones to your home. The early summer is always nice as temperatures are not extremely hot yet, and it is still nice to be outside in the warm breeze.

Hosting a summer party does not need to be difficult or a lot of effort. The right tools can go a long way, and the following are five excellent party accessories that will make your guests asking you for when the next gathering will be.

2 Part Beverage Jar



The key to summer parties will be the drinks available. As the weather is heating up, everyone will be excited to try out new cocktails and sip on some ice cold beverages. This 2 Part Beverage Jar makes it easy for you to make creative and colorful drinks with minimal effort. It is carefully designed by mouth blown glass, and will be the highlight of the party table. The top compartment can hold up to two gallons of liquid, making it last long enough for all your guests to enjoy. The bottom part can be filled with fruit or summer flowers as an added decoration.

Margarita Goblet Set

Another component to drinks is the glass that it is served in. As this is what the guests will be holding for most of the party, you want them to be comfortable and classy. The Margarita Goblet Set fulfills both requirements by hinting at historic royalty, yet it is still sleek and modern. This set made of stainless steel will also keep the drinks icy cold, which is a must-have in the summer weather.


Double Wall Ice Bucket


Drinks at a summer party can be kept even extra cold with this Double Wall Ice Bucket. Designed for home bar and parties, the ice bucket is meant to keep the ice in its frozen state for a long time. You no longer have to worry about refilling melted water with fresh new ice as this container will do the trick for you.

Oasis Table Top Fireplace

Lighting and Atmosphere

The lights of your party will play a huge role in how comfortable your guests are. Depending on the time of day and mood you are going for, you will want to play around with how the lighting will look. For example, bright, natural, white lights are excellent for a day party, whereas a ambient, fire-lit setting may be the perfect way to allow your guests to relax at night.

Stainless Steel Cone Torch

The Outdoor Lawn TiKi Stainless Steel Torch is great for outdoor parties as it radiates and fills the whole space with a bright, warm light. The Oasis Bio-Ethanol Fireplace is also an excellent choice to bring out the summer bonfire feeling for late-night parties. It is designed so that it can go inside or outside as well, allowing the guests to freely roam without feeling overly confined.


Do you already have a party planned for this summer? Let us know in the comments!