4 Ways to Incorporate Pantone 2015 Color of the Year – Marsala Into Your Home

The color experts at Pantone come together every year and decide on the color of the year. In 2015, Marsala became the Pantone Color of the Year. The name ‘Marsala’ can find its origins from the Italian city where the wine is famous, and the hue is a dark, earthy, red.

Though marsala may not immediately appeal as a decorating color, it can be compared to an excellent wine that is an acquired taste. It is less vibrant than previous Pantone colors which can make it easier to bring to the background of your home. When properly used, it can bring an earthy and relaxing feel to the whole room.

Here are four ways you can begin to incorporate marsala into your home:

Pantone Marsala Flower Design Wallpaper by Connection Inc. Kansas City Interior Design

Wall Accent Color

If you want to go all out with this Pantone color, consider repainting your walls or buying a wallpaper with marsala. Marsala is a muted enough color where it can ground the room and is perfect for the kitchen with its wine and earthy associations. Marsala goes well as a background color for more vibrant pieces of artwork.

Marsala Burgundy Geometric Print Rug


Marsala’s mellow color makes for an excellent textile material for rugs, pillows, and throws. It does not draw too much attention to itself and is the perfect touch to any living room or bedroom. You can choose from a more permanent move to switching out your whole living room furniture to marsala, or simply bring in an Orient rug for a season.

Marsala LampsPlanters and Vases

As marsala is such an earthy tone, it is an excellent addition to use in the outdoor areas of your home, from balcony decorations to your backyard. You can also bring this into your home with smaller elements such as vases for a centerpiece for your dining table.

Marsala Decorations Pantone 2015


If you are not confident that marsala is the color for your home, you can always start out with smaller decorations. Having a marsala table cloth or kitchenware can be a way to bring marsala colors into your home without being overwhelming. Even something as small as marsala candles can begin to bring the earthy vibe into your home.

Have you tried incorporating marsala into your home? What do you think about the choice of marsala as the color of the year? Let us know in the comments below!

5 Interior Design Trends To Look Out For In 2015

The first few months of the year are the perfect time to spice up your home with a new, fresh look. Interior design trends will come and go over the years, and you want to make sure you are not holding on to things in your home that you should be letting go. Now is the time to get rid of some of those old pieces and bring in the new interior design trends of 2015.

Of course, in the end, what will really matter is how you feel in your house. However, here are five tips for you to look out for when redesigning the interior of your home.

Blue Stays Popular

Blue WallpaperBlue was a popular color in 2014, and it is here to stay this year. From every shade of turquoise to indigo, you can add in some blue to your home. All the shades of blue work for any season of the year.

Blue roomIf you are not committed to a complete transformation of walls and furniture, you can first start out with some accent colors in decorations. The color blue is relaxing and perfect for the living room or bedroom.

Smoky Replaces Clear Glass

Smokey GlassClear glass has always been popular around the house, whether it be in mirrors or glass doors. However, in 2015, smoky glass is in to offer an extra touch to the normal material. Kelly Wearstler, a Los Angeles designer, says that the smoked glass can bring to the home “a tension between raw and refined, masculine and feminine.”

Mixing Metals

Mixing gold and silver metals can add a nice touch to the interior of your home in 2015. Even though this is slightly risky at times, when done well, can bring a stylish option.

Umbra Metalla Can

Start out with smaller household items, such as this Metalla Can, before moving to larger, centerpieces in your home.

Modern Elements

modern mid-century

Modern elements will continue to stay in 2015. This is seen in the continued rise of modern architecture, but will also make its way into the home through furniture.

Cupecoy Sunburst Wall Clock

Mid-century modern furniture is an excellent place to draw your inspiration from, but do not let it overwhelm your home. Try a modern twist on retro like this Sunburst wall clock by Cupecoy design.

Statement Lights

Z-Bar Mini Lamps

Using a light fixture as a statement piece for your living room or bedroom will continue to be popular in 2015. Using some of the advice from above can help, whether you choose to mix and match for a metallic fixture or add in some hints of blue. Even a small desk lamp such as this Z-Bar Mini LED Desk Lamp, can add personality and character to your room.

Decorating Your Home for Valentine’s Day  

Bring on the hearts and flowers this February as you prepare for Valentine’s Day. Even if you do not have a significant other, Valentine’s Day is a great holiday to spend treasuring other loved ones in our lives such as our friends and family. Here are a few tips to get you started on preparing your home with decorations for Valentine’s Day!


Color Palette

Most people will automatically think of Valentine’s Day as using reds and pinks. However, you can also try going with a more subtle color as the main color with a few accents of pinks and reds added. Adding in some purple and light shades of yellow, green or blue also work well. Having the majority of your colors be white or off-white may work better with your current décor. It will also add a level of class that is far less cheesy than plastering your home with pink and red decorations.

valentine decor
garland valentine decor

DIY glitter candles

Romantic Subtleties

Add some romantic nuances to your home if you are celebrating Valentine’s Day this year with a loved one. It can be as simple as adding photographs of you and your loved one to hang on your wall, or cutting out hearts for a DIY projects with sweet messages to each other. There are plenty of ways you can be creative and personal to your significant other.

valentine banner

Valentine decor

valentines day romantic

DIY valentine jars

Some Other Ideas include:

Adding roses or carnations into a clear vase such as this Torpedo Vase.


Fill a jar with colorful Valentine’s Day candies and messages and place it in your kitchen or living room for everyone to enjoy.


Changing your pillow coverings to pink or red. You may even find cheap heart shaped pillows that you can use.

Creativity is king pillw
Out of Focus

Focus on soft lighting for your bedroom. Buy a few candle holders to place around your bathroom or bedroom. This Tea Light Holder from Block design is both elegant and classy.


Scattering rose petals on a living room table, dining table, or nightstand as a center piece.


These simple color and romantic accents will have you in the mood for Valentine’s Day all month long!

Valentine’s Day Gifts for Your Loved Ones

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching, and if you haven’t already thought about what to buy for your significant other, now is the time to start. If you are tired of the typical ordinary chocolate and flowers, here are some creative items from our store that will stand out and make 2015 a memorable Valentine’s Day.

Relaxing Gifts

The beginning of the year can be a stressful time for everyone as we are focused on our New Year’s Resolutions. From worries at work to personal life, Valentine’s Day is a great time to relieve the unnecessary stress.

Citrus No.7 Tin Candle

The Citrus Serenity is a perfectly romantic candle is by Hillhouse Naturals and features a blend of scents including fresh woods, lemongrass, kaffir lime, kumquat, and verbena.

CINO Aromatherapy BurnerProvide a relaxing environment for you and your loved one by pairing this candle with a CINO Aromatherapy Burner. The CINO Aromatherapy Burner can be used as a candle holder but also burns oil as well for some extra nice scents.

As the candle and oil burns, you and your loved one’s room will be infused with feelings of tranquility as both your worries disappear. These two gifts paired together will start your Valentine’s Day the right way!

A Little Humor

If your partner enjoys a good laugh, consider getting them a quirky yet practical gift for this Valentine’s Day.
Fred and Friends Unzip

You could go for this Unzippped Glass Bag that works as a bowl but looks like a sandwich bag from afar. It is made of high-quality hand-blown glass, and can be the perfect decoration to any room. To go the extra, consider filling the bag with sweet chocolates or a favorite candy.

Fred & Friends Foot In The Door Stop

This Foot in the Door can be a funny gift to get your significant other as a practical joke. It is quite useful as it works as a doorstop that is quite attractive. Pair this gift with a funny note or perhaps a real pair of shoes to make your loved one’s Valentine’s Day filled with laughter this year!

Romantic Basics

Go back to the basics of Valentine’s Day as a day to celebrate your lover with a few romantic gestures.


Buy a bottle of wine and celebrate Valentine’s Day at home and make a lovely home-cooked meal of appreciation. Or surprise your loved one by bringing them breakfast in bed. Use this slippage-resistant Pegos Serving Tray to hold your glasses and food in a high-fashioned way.

Whatever you decide, make Valentine’s Day 2015 a day you can look back on fondly. Have you already bought a Valentine’s Day gift? What are some of your Valentine’s Day plans?

Halloween Wonderland: 5 DIY Entrance Decorations

It’s that time of the year again folks… October, a time when all the holiday madness begins and when most people go insane, starting with me. We will kick it off with one of my old time favorites, Halloween. And let’s face it, who doesn’t like Halloween?  It’s the only time out of the entire year when you can be anyone you want and not necessarily get judged for it.  Halloween to me is like a huge carnival…magical with lots of uncertainty.  If you “celebrate” it, why not turn your home into a magical wonderland?  Let’s get spooky with it, shall we?

Halloween is all about setting a scene.  Why not greet your trick or treaters with this fabulous front door decor? It’s cheap, fun and easy to do!  Grab a few pumpkins, electric drill, bunch of votives, black owls or bats and voila!

Small-pumpkins-rack-message-GTL1005-deIf the other idea isn’t working for you, try this one.  For a killer entrance, perch ravens on bare branches with pumpkins as their base and you will have one super spooktacular scene!  Let’s face it… Halloween without pumpkins is no Halloween at all.

halloween-decorations-pumpkins-ravens-1007-lgnNext, create a Wicked Window by using candlelight to create dark shadows in the corners. Here, the ghostly white tapers in a flea market candelabra enhance the creepiness of cobwebs and flying bats.


We all love pumpkins, but come on… when it comes to Halloween, things can get pretty messy around the house, especially with your little ones running around!  Not to mention, you don’t want anyone to get hurt while carving a pumpkin, no matter what the end result may be. These following ideas are perfect for creating fun and festive pumpkins at low costs and low mess guaranteed.

These adorable…correction, spooky vases do require a knife, but the celestial designs come courtesy of a spoon, not torturous slicing and dicing. Cut off the top of the pumpkin, and remove the innards, aka the nasty guts. Spray-paint the rind a matte black and let dry. Use a spoon handle to scratch away paint to create stars, moons, and spirals. Add water and blooms.

halloween-pumpkins-paint-s3-vrIi2T-large_newInstead of the usual haunts, why not group pumpkins in a less-expected locale, like an unused fireplace? This idea is adorable, safe and easy to do, plus you can make it even more spookful if you want to.

halloween-pumpkins-decorating-s3-Jeo3sj-large_newHalloween depends on your own personal taste and you can never go wrong with your own creativity! Take these ideas and make them your own. Keep Calm and Spook On!

Serve Your Light Meals In Style With These Products

Sometimes you just don’t feel like a big meal. Sometimes a glass of wine, a cup of coffee, and a few munchies – cheese, crackers, olives, cookies – will do the trick. For those evenings, you want to have the correct dishes so that your light dinner can taste and look delicious.

Just in the mood for some olives, nuts, or crackers? The j-me Nibble Coaster will work perfectly. It has a compartment to serve whatever you feel like eating and at the same time it will work as a coaster for your drink.


Olives are delicious, but you don’t want their vinegar to spill over your other foods. The Blomus UTILO Olive Spoon Set will make sure they are served properly. You think you can do the same with any old spoon? Not! These spoons are designed to drain the liquid from the olives prior to serving!


Have some fancy cheese to enjoy? The Blomus SITIO Cheese Grater and Tray can help you grate the block of cheese if that is what you desire, or the porcelain tray can be used to serve it.

If you have a few items to serve, keep it separate yet together with the Blomus Esto Finger Food Set, a food tray where you can enjoy six different items in style. This is the perfect set to serve chips and salsa, humus and pita bread, guacamole… you get the idea.


Make your light meals feel like big meals in these great serving sets. They will taste and LOOK delicious!


A Summer Hit: The Ravi Wine Chiller

Instant wine refresher?  Yes, please.  I would like two.

Wouldn’t you want to pour perfectly chilled wine instantly?  Now you can bring out the best in your wine by serving it at just the right temperature without ice buckets or special refrigeration. Who has time for all these extracurricular activities when in reality, we all want to just get to the one main thing: drinking that delish wine!  With Ravi, you can accomplish just this.  Ravi Instant Wine Refresher can be stored in your freezer for at least six hours and then attached directly to your wine bottle. Naturally, the wine chills to perfection when you pour it through the Ravi and use the air-intake valve to control the flow for regulating wine temperature.


The fabulous Ravi can cool a full bottle of room-temperature red wine to 64 degrees F, or chill many glasses of white wine to as low as 40 degrees F.  Ok, now I would like 3 of these please. 

Instead of wasting time cooling the bottles, now you can cool what truly matters and that is the wine. The outside of the Ravi Instant Wine Refresher is an insulating shell that keeps the interior frozen for over an hour. Inside, a high-grade stainless-steel tube maintains wine characteristics and ensures that taste is never altered. Comes with wine thermometer and air pump for thorough cleaning.

To sum up this glorious invention:

• There is no more need for ice buckets
• There is no more mess
• There is no need to pre-chill
• There is no need to wait for your wine to reach that perfect temperature

Not only is Ravi a fabulous addition to your already great-looking kitchen, but this awesome gadget could equally be admired at your friend’s house too! A fantastic gift for only $39.95 and a lifetime of happiness and cheer!  Get yours today!  

Organize Messy Cords With The Bobino Driinn

The Driinn Mobile Phone Holder looks very simple – just a V-shape device made of a mix of plastic and rubber – but we think it is an ingenious invention that will be appreciated by anyone striving to keep organized.

The Driinn can help you accomplish several things, including to help you designate a permanent and safe spot for your phone, keep the risks of loose cords at a minimum, and avoid seeing your expensive phone plunge hard against the floor.

Driinn Mobile Phone Holder

If you normally charge your phone on an outlet near the floor, you are most likely dealing with a good amount of cord strewn all over the place. That brings about the potential of a tripping accident for anyone who walks by it. The shape of the Drinn will allow you to wrap up all the extra cord, keeping your floor surface clear.

Furthermore, with the Driinn you will not have to look for the outlet closest to the floor anymore. You can charge your phone on any outlet, even one up high, because the Driinn can hang about the plug and at once serve as a small table for you unit. Because the Driinn is made partly of rubber, it is not slippery but rather its surface “grabs on” to your phone.

Driinn Mobile Phone Holder

With the Driinn there will be no more need to set your phone on a table to charge. It has happened to us so we figure it has happened to you: Is there anything more painful than seeing your precious unit slam against the ground because the weight of the cord pulled it down? The Driinn will save you from having to pick up the pieces and from the disappointment of seeing horrible scratches.

Driinn Mobile Phone Holder

Just to make it fun besides practical, the Driinn folds down to a slim compact design and is available in several colors, including black, orange, and white.

Prevent breaks and complications by using this affordable device which, on top of it all, will keep your life organized. Get yours here today!