October Get Organized Week: 5 Tips for Your Home

The first week of October is officially “Get Organized Week”, and this is a great time to reflect on your home or office space to get it into shape. Sometimes it can be hard to keep your home clutter-free, and when things get busy, everything tends to start getting messy again.

Below are 5 easy tips to keep your home organized this fall season and help you let it last until winter.


1. Coat Storage

As the weather turns colder, it is great to have an established area for your coats and scarves. Otherwise, they may end up in places you would rather them not be. Consider getting a rack such as this MENOTO Wardrobe Stand. Not too flashy, it will fit right in with any home decor, and is elegant enough to match your wardrobe.


2. Umbrella Stand 

This minimalistic addition to your home could be just what you need. Not only will it prevent damage to your umbrellas and allow your umbrellas to have a longer life, it also saves room by storing the umbrellas vertically. The Smart Umbrella Stand is perfect because it allows you to fit up to four umbrellas, making it the perfect stand to have if you have roommates or a larger family. It also has a simple adjustable tray to suit both short and long umbrellas.


3. Key Holder

One of the easiest things to misplace in your home is your keys. The simplest solution to this is to add a small key board right next to your door. This way you can easily place your keys when you get home and know that they will always be there when you leave.


4. Cable Holder

One of the biggest annoyances in the home are organizing all the cords. Especially in today’s world, you will have a charger for almost every electronic device. This handy Hideaway Cable Organizer makes it easy to keep all your wires in one neat area. It is especially designed so that it connects all charging cables into one power strip, and has ventilation holes for safety reasons. The anti-slip lid is also a great addition to prevent your devices to move around while charging.


5. Sorting Baskets

If you find that your kitchen is an area where mess tends to build up, you might want to consider getting these easy to store WIRES baskets. Not only are they aesthetically pleasing, they are a great storage space to anything from fruit to random things lying around such as your current mail and bills to pay.

Just a few easy additions can make a huge difference in de-stressing your life and allowing your day to pass smoothly!

Would you find any of these additions a help in your home? Let us know in the comments below, we would love to hear from you.

The Modern Home Living Room


The modern home living room is a place of comfort and relaxation but also a space to entertain the family and guests. This dual role can sometimes be difficult when deciding on what goes in the living room. Choosing between what would look nice but also maintaining the sense of casualty to allow for relaxation can be a challenge.

Whether you are redesigning your living room or simply looking to add a touch of something new, below are some helpful ideas to help you find that perfect balance.


Keep Everything Minimal

One of the number one characteristics of a modern living room is the minimalistic look. This may be a challenge sometimes in the real world where clutter begins to appear day in and day out. The best way to do this is to have “neat messes”. This can include a designated drawer to place things that may not have a specific home, or a magazine bin like the WACTOR Magazine Rack to put all the books, papers, and magazines that would otherwise be lying around the table.  The WACTOR Magazine Rack is also nicely designed with stainless steel and will fit in perfectly with the modern look you are going for.


Have an Accent Piece

Another key component to most modern living rooms are to have a strong accent piece. Whether this is a lovely piece of artwork, a vase of flowers, a clock such as this DIY Ball Clock in Chrome, or the lighting, such as this Midsummer Light, the accent piece should be the center of focus. Something unique such as the Midsummer Light which has been cut through layers of Tyvek, a resistant paper material, will be the center of conversation when guests come to visit your home.

You can also choose a color as an accent color and use this with smaller decor such as throw blankets, pillows, or side tables.


Show Your Personality and Character

In order for the living room to not feel impersonal or simply a cookie-cutter modern room out of a magazine, put in some personal touches. You could include personal photos hanging on the wall, or add something that tells your story. For example, if you like playing chess, finding a unique board such as this Wobble Chess Set would be a great addition to your home. Not only can you play a traditional game of chess, the chess board is made of concave squares that holds each piece in place.

Are you looking to modernize your living room? Have these tips given you something to work with? What else would you add? Let us know in the comments below, we would love to hear from you!

Inspiration from the September Flower: Morning Glory

september flower

Morning glories are the September flower, and their delicate blue and purple petals are loved by many. They get their name because they will unravel into full bloom in the early morning and will generally curl back up for the rest of the day. Morning glories can easily be grown in your own backyard, but if you do not have a green thumb, here are some other ways you can add the spirit of morning glory into your home this September.


Be Prepared

Mornings can be a stressful time for most people. From getting ready to go to work to making sure the rest of the day goes smoothly, those few hours in the mornings are crucial.

One of the easiest ways to make sure your mornings start out right is to be prepared the night before. Decide what you are going to wear the next day, and get any meal preparations done then. Set your keys out where you know you can find them immediately, and get all everything so you are ready to go right when you wake up!

Umbra Shower Caddy

Get Your Bathroom Ready

Once you wake up, you want to be able to quickly jump in the shower and be on your way to feeling clean and fresh for the rest of the day. You do not want to be fumbling around for anything when you are short on time. This Blomus Primo Shower Shelf makes it easy not only easy to store your soap and toiletries, but also has a ventilation allowing to easily dry during the day.

Blomus Primo Shower Shelf

If you have too many toiletries to fit onto the shelf, a Bask Shower Caddy is another excellent option. This shower caddy has three storage baskets that are large enough for a shared bathroom as well. The design is smart in allowing holes in the bottom for water to run out of.

A great addition to make your mornings less stressful is the Fogless LED Light Shower Mirror with Clock. This little creative invention is a fog-free mirror, allowing you to jump out of the shower and immediately begin preparing for your day. You can also get a magnification for up to 5X, as well as always be aware of the time you have left before leaving with the LED alarm clock.


Making a Healthy Breakfast

Having a good breakfast will give you the rest of the energy you need for the day. This Electric Glass Kettle is cordless and is both safe and convenient. It allows you to boil water in just a few minutes and is much faster than a regular stove-top, allowing you to spend time on more important things in the morning. It also takes the colors of the Morning Glory flower with its blue and purple LED light that allows you to know when the kettle is boiling.

ovente glass electric kettle

For a fun way to keep your mornings entertaining, use this MINOR MIRACLE Mug for your hot drinks. The bottom of the cup is styled to show the image of the lady, but will only show when you are drinking coffee, tea, or something else equally dark. The handle and rim are also nicely designed to be conveniently picked up.

Minor Miracle Mug

The above tips should make your mornings run smoother and you can be shining just as the Morning Glory flowers are in the early hours of the day!

Home Decor Inspiration from the September Birthstone: Sapphire

Sapphire is September’s birthstone and has long been treasured as a stone that brought blessings, protection, and beauty to the owner. Most sapphires will be blue, while some will contain hints of other colors such as green or purple.


Most people may not be that keen on investing in a sapphire for the month of September, however, there are plenty of ways of incorporating it into your life and home to have a month of blessings and beauty inspired by the precious sapphire.

Water Fountain Light Speakers

Boom2O Speakers

These speakers are no ordinary speakers. They are sound responsive to water and light and are a blast to have at any party. Each speaker comes with six multi-colored led lights, and on top of that it is USB powered so you can bring the party along with you wherever you go. The blue light and water reflects the idea of the sapphire.
Sagaform Wine Glasses

Wine Glasses by Sagaform

These sapphire-themed wine glasses are the perfect gift to give to someone who may have their birthday in September or to buy for your own home. Not only are they festive and offer a unique spin to the original wine glass, they are also made to be sturdier with the thick stem. This allows you party and not worry about breaking any wine glasses for the night.

Pentagonic Mirror

Pentagonic Lying Mirror

This mirror sparkles and lets off a reflection as beautiful as the sapphire, and is a wonderful piece to put up on the wall as a statement piece. The blurred lines make it hard to tell what the shape actually is, and it will reflect the colors of the surrounding world. You can also boast of its uniqueness, as it is handmade in Poland.

Chandelier Accessory Stand Jewelry Holder

Chandelier Jewelry Holder

In case you do decide to buy a piece of jewelry with sapphire in it, or already own some pieces, this delicate Accessory Stand is just the decor to match the sapphire or any other jewels. You can choose between a white or black stand, and can hang anything from earrings, necklaces, and bracelets. The tray also offers a place for jewelry that cannot be hung. Since it is made of steel, it is strong and sturdy, but also well designed to offer a clean aesthetic to any bedroom or bathroom. The chandelier theme makes it look like a piece of fine jewelry itself.

Though it would be amazing to purchase a sapphire for the month of September, the above options may be more realistic, usable, and just as admirable within the home.